Eid Bonus Notifications of LESCO & FESCO Employees (WAPDA)

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Eid Bonus Notifications of LESCO & FESCO Employees (WAPDA)

Federal minister fro WAPDA Khawaja Muhamamd Asif has announced eid bonus to the employees of WAPDA. THis announcement made in the presence of Hydro Union delegation headed by labor leader Khurshed Ahmad Khan. The implementation of the this orders has been started. Following are the notification issued by distribution companies of the WAPDA. The employees of LESCO and FESCO will get eid bonus equal to one basic pay.

Lahore Electric Supply Company LESCO OFFICE ORDER

In pursuance of General Manager (HR) PEPCO Wino No 020. 4SAID/PEPCO/GM MR/HD/A. doted 13.06 2017 and to appreciate the efforts of the LESCO employees for their herd work especially in the month of Holy of Ramzan, for the continuity of electric supply to general public, one bonus equivalent to one month basic pay to all LESCO employees Is hereby allowed before Eid-ul-Fitr subject to ratification of BOD.
Copy to:- All Executive Directors LESCO Company Secretary LESCO for ratification of BOD in next meeting. All Chief Engineers / DGs LESCO All Managers under LESCO All Deputy Managers under LESCO General Secretary, All Pakistan WAPDA Hydro Electric Worker Union (CBA). SO to CEO LESCO SO to HR Director LESCO Master file

Faisalabad Electric Supply Company Limited (FESCO) OFFICE ORDER

In the light of PEPCO Office Memorandum issued vide No.926-45 dated 13.06.2017, 130D FESCO vide Resolution No,102/Secy-2 dated 15.06.2017 conveyed through Company Secretary letter No.1958/Sec/-P-2 dated 16.06.2017 has approved Honoraria/ Bonus to FESCO employees in recognition of their efforts in the month of Ramzan-1)I-Mobarik for the continuity of electric supply to general public as under:-
ROD resolved to allow grant of One Bonus equivalent to One month Basic Pay to FESCO employees in the light of GM (HR) PEPCO letter No.926-45 dated 13.06.2017.
BOD further resolved that the Bonus Ivill be admissible to all PESCO employees (Daily Wagers / Contract / Regular) on strength of FESCO as on 31.05.2017 on the basis of last pay drawn Le; for the month of 05/2017 and far those transferred / retired /expired / newly appointed during F1.-2016-17 on prawn: basis.
HOD also approved the allocation of additional budget amounting to Rs.3S5/- ‘Willem% iu alts regard
This is issued with the approval of BOD FESCO.
DG (HR&Admn) FESCO Faisalabad

Eid Bonus Notification Copy of LESCO and FESCO..

FESCO Notification - Eid Bonus 2017
FESCO Notification – Eid Bonus 2017
LESCO Notification - Eid Bonus 2017
LESCO Notification – Eid Bonus 2017

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