Breaking News: Third Day of Protest in Punjab colleges: Police repel angry students as protests continue

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FAISALABAD: Students continued their protest on Friday against the formation of a board of governors and the privitisation of educational institutes.

Punjab Colleges Students and teachers - Protest in Third Day - Jang Breaking News 10-12-2010
Punjab Colleges Students and teachers - Protest in Third Day - Jang Breaking News 10-12-2010

Students of the Municipal Degree College of Faisalabad blocked  roads at the Abdullahpur Chowk and chanted slogans against the authorities.
Police tried to open the road forcefully and used tear gas and shelling to disperse the protesters. Students then retaliated by pelting stones at the police. Express 24/7 reported that two policemen were reportedly injured in the incident and rowdy students also threw a police motorbike into a canal.
Students of government college for boys in Samundari and Tandaliyanwala also held protest rallies.
On Wednesday, students and teachers protesting against changes in the higher education system tried to storm the Punjab Assembly. The situation escalated when a group of protesters broke past guards at the outer security cordon of the assembly grounds. They got as far as the steps leading to the assembly building.
Police baton-charged the protesters, who responded by throwing stones, smashing windows in two MPAs’ cars, breaking CCTV cameras and destroying furniture used by security officials.
The Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court (LHC), Justice Ijaz Chaudhry on Thursday took suo motu notice of thepolice torture of teachers and students who protested outside the Punjab Assembly.

(Published in “The Express Tribune” Dated 10-12-2010)

Media Watch: Unhappy Students

Protesting students
The handling of the protest itself showed that the peace of the MPAs was left undisturbed, even if the cost was a baton charge of the architects of the nation as well as the future generation which will have its running in future. Some MPAs have lied about their degrees, and thus cannot be expected to know about colleges or their problems. (
Battlefield: Assembly
While teachers’ organisations need to realise that they stand to lose public sympathy if they allow their protests to be taken over by groups with political agendas, one would also call on the government to give a patient hearing to the case being presented by the teaching community which has been pressing the issue for months without being heard. (
To another set of observers, though, the most remarkable aspect to the episode was the violence with which the police eventually blocked the protesters. The protesters were also not averse to a fistfight or two or to burning down a few vehicles, but the police action most certainly betrayed the guilt of a force that had reacted late and which then over-compensated for the delay in typically brutal manner. (

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