WAPDA Workers rally against price hike in Lahore

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LAHORE (Saturday, May 14, 2011) : Scores of Wapda workers under the aegis of the Pakistan Wapda Hydroelectric Central Labour Union staged a protest rally outside the Labour Hall on Saturday against price hike and increasing power tariff.

WAPDA Hydro Union Protest in Lahore (14-5-2011)

Carrying banners and placards, the workers chanted slogans against the government for paying no attention toward controlling sky-rocketing prices of commodities and electricity tariff.
“Workers will never remain silent over this situation and continue protest against the government. We can even start a march on Islamabad to press the government to handle such issues and solve the problems faced by the masses,” union secretary-general Khurshid Ahmad said.
He alleged the government was increasing power tariff at the behest of international fi nancial institutions. He demanded the government should immediately evolve a strategy to reduce commodity prices and power tariff.
Earlier, the protesters marched on Nisbet Road and Lakshmi Chowk.

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