WAPDA Electric Labour Union Rally & Dharna on Mall Road Lahore

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Lahore (May 17, 2011) : WAPDA Hydro Electric Labour Union on Tuesday staged a protest demonstration against the government for its policies of managing energy sector and blocked The Mall for over an hour, causing immense traffic jam in the scorching heat.
Led by central general secretary of the Union, Khurshid Ahmed, the protestors marched from the Wapda House to the Charing Cross, in front of the Punjab Assembly.

WAPDA Workers Rally against privatisation - Khurshed Ahmad lifted by employees
WAPDA Employees Protest Rally in Lahore (17-5-2011) pic

Hundreds of protesters were holding banners and placards inscribed with slogans, demanding an end to the disintegration of the Wapda on the pressure of the IMF, merging of all electric supply companies into one unit Wapda and recovery of over Rs 210 billion from the KESC and other such units.

The protesters chanted slogans against the government policies and stages a token sit-in at the Charing Cross, blocking traffic on The Mall and all the inter-connecting roads from the Lahore High Court till the Wapda House. This resulted in extensive traffic jams, with people sweltering in the hot weather.

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