Quaid e Azam University Sex Case – VC forms committee to probe QAU Islamabad female student molestation

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ISLAMABAD (June 23, 2011) : Four member inquiry committee to probe into the alleged molestation of a female student by Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU) Controller Examinations Sardar Muhammad Babar Khan has been constituted to present its report by June 24.

According to details, a female student from Natural Sciences Department of QAU went to the Controller Examinations’ office on June 17 for some paper work. The accused purportedly locked the door and molested the student. The girl screamed for help while the accused fled the scene.
According to QAU insiders, it was break time on Friday and there were lesser staffers around the office when the students entered the office.
And when passersby heard shrieking from the office they knocked the door while the controller ran away.
“The controller has been involved in such nefarious activities and was expelled from Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) for the same reason. He worked as Controller Examinations at AIOU and joined QAU 4 years back”, said a QAU official who requested not to be named.
The official said that this unfortunate incident was allegedly being hushed up by the university administration.
The parents of the victim visited the varsity and asked the Vice Chancellor (VC) Dr Masoom Yasinzai to conduct a fair inquiry into the case and remove the controller examination from his post who is also a threat for the other girls studying in the university. “We heard that the accused was removed right away after the incident but he is holding his seat and no suspension has been made. The university administration should have suspended the culprit as soon as it has received a complaint against him,” the official said.
Talking to Daily Times, QAU VC Dr Masoom Yasinzai said that a committee comprising 4 senior most and non controversial faculty members including Chemistry Department Chairperson Dr Saqib Ali, National Institute of Psychology Director Dr Anila Kamal, Campus Manager Colonel (r) Nadeem Gill and Department of Biochemistry Professor Dr Wasim has been constituted to investigate the issue.
VC said the committee would hopfully present its report within a week time (till Friday, June 24). Asked about the suspension order and current official status of the accused, VC said he still holds his seat.
“How can we suspend him whn the case is underway and inquiriy is on. He (Sardar Babar) is holding his current position and after the inquiry report, QAU administration would cosider any penalty.
The culprit if proven guilty would be immediately suspended while stern action would be taken against him according to the rules and procedures of the university but so far he is an accused not a proven guilty”, VC maintained.

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6 thoughts on “Quaid e Azam University Sex Case – VC forms committee to probe QAU Islamabad female student molestation

  1. Abid Hussain Khan

    Dear All,
    i do agree all of your comments, but let;s not take a decision until person found guilty. anyway he is a nice and responsible person, i don’t believe that but we can not blame until committee decides. let’s not spoil his name.

    Abid hussain Khan
    Abu Dhabi UAE.

  2. zahid saeed

    infact coeducation is responsible for such type of situation. separate eduction is the real solution to avoid such circumstances.


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