Government Increased Minimum Pension to Rs. 6000 per Month

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Finance Division Notification of Minimum Pension 2014

Minimum Family pension Also Increase upto Rs. 4500 per month

Islamabad (Tuesday, July 8th, 2014) – Government of Pakistan has increased the minimum pension of retired employees (pensioners). Now all federal government servants including civil and armed forces / Military officialsĀ  pensioners will get Re. 6000/= per month pension. Earlier they were drawing Rs. 5000/= per month. Thus minimum pension has been increased will be Rs. 1000/=.

Family pension has been also raised from Rs. 3750/= per month to Rs. 4500/= per month.

Notification has been issued by Finance division, regulation Wing on 7/7/2014 Vide No.F.15(1)-Reg.6/2014 Islamabad the 7th July, 2014.

Finance Division Minimum Pension Rs.6000 Notification 2014
Finance Division Minimum Pension Rs.6000 Notification 2014


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