special committee of the Senate notices Recruitment rules violation in SNGPL

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SNGPL MD tells Senate committee provincial quota never adhered to for hiring in company
KARACHI (Saturday, April 2, 2011): Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) has been found violating the rules of recruitment laid down in the official policy to make appointments on the province-wise quota.
Since its establishment 45 years back, the provincial quota has never been adhered to for hiring in the company, the startling revelation was made on Saturday at a meeting of a special committee of the Senate, which was convened to consider recruitments, appointments and inductions in the SNGPL from 2007 to January 2011.
SNGPL Managing Director Rashid Lone stunned everybody at the meeting, when he disclosed that quota system had never been adhered to in recruitments and appointments in the organisation despite the fact that it was a government-controlled company.
The statement of the MD irked committee chairman Nayyer Hussain Bokhari who lambasted the management for not following the government’s policy in recruitment.
“Why the rules of recruitment on quota basis have not been followed in the SNGPL, if it is a government-owned entity,” he questioned and expressed displeasure over the way SNGPL responded to details sought by the committee about appointments on the province-wise quota.
The method adopted for appointments in the SNGPL was even not known to its parent ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources, as the ministry’s additional secretary also expressed his surprise over the violation made by the SNGPL in recruitments for the last 45 years.
He said that this flagrant violation had only been seen in the SNGPL as other attached departments of the ministry were following the prescribed quota for recruitments and appointments. “It’s a declared policy of the government that recruitments would be made as per the quota in all federal departments and organisations,” he categorically stated.
The MD revealed that board of the company thrice rejected the formula of appointments on quota basis when the matter was brought to it following a directive by the federal government in December last year.
SNGPL’s board is dominated by the government directors with nine from the government and four from the private sector.
Bokhari said if the directors nominated by the government were not subscribing to the government policy then what to talk about the rest.
He said that parliament was supreme and every government organisation was answerable to it. He flatly rejected the stance taken by SNGPL’s that its board had the authority to take decision on such matters.
He directed the SNGPL and the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources to submit a detailed report about the recruitments made in the company from 2007 onward as well as the breakup of the province-wise appointments in it.
He warned that stern action would be taken against the management if it came up with a vague and half-hearted reply next time.

(Published in “DailyTimes” On April 3, 2011)

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