Railway Workers Protests, Stops Trains, Demands Pays

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Lahore (October 17, 2011) – Trains schedule of Pakistan Railway for Lahore and Peshawar remained disrupted on Monday as the cash-strapped department strives to cope amid a growing crisis, SAMAA reported.

Railway Workers Protests, Stopped the Trains and Demands Pays - Jang Breaking News 17-10-2011

Pakistan Railways, battling for its survival, is currently facing a manifold of issues including the non-payment of salaries, fuel and engine shortages etc, with trains arriving four to eight hours late at Lahore and Peshawar.
Allama Iqbal and Awam Express was four hours off schedule, Jafar Express seven, Quetta Express four-and-a-half, Karakoram Express one-and-a-half hours late, Karachi Express three hours and fifty minutes, while Taizgam is expected to arrive two-and-a-half hours late in Lahore.
On the other hand, the Khyber Mail arrives in Peshawar on 3 pm, some eight hours late while Khushhal Khan Express will reach at 9 pm, four hours off schedule.
Rather than the scheduled 6 pm, the Awam Express will reach Peshawar at 10 pm in the night, while the Quetta Express is expected at 11 pm.
The financial mess afflicting Pakistan Railways took yet another threatening turn on Saturday after hundreds of its employees staged demonstrations over the non-payment of salaries.
Employees in Quetta today also protested against the non-payment of salaries and the disconnection of the electric supply to the Railway colony, causing a delay in departures.
(Published in Samaa)

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