Railway Prem Union termed Pakistan Railways bankrupt, 70 drivers terminated

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Railway Prem Union termed Pakistan Railway bankrupt, Electricity Cutoff many stations & Colonies
LAHORE (Monday, October 17, 2011): President Asif Ali Zardari has once again summoned the railway high officials at the President House, as the railway crisis appeared getting out of their hands to such an extent that the electricity connections of 26 railway colonies and 15 railway stations have been cut off on non-payments, while all the contract train drivers have been sacked.
It may be recalled that the President House had earlier also called for the railway high officials for five times and were sent back without meeting with the President.

It is learnt that a railway delegation for a meeting with the president has been constituted, which includes railway minister, its chairman and general manager.
Railway officials told that railway crisis like shortage of engines, closure of train services and such other grave matters would be deliberated in the meeting with the president.
On the other hand, a railway cheque of Rs80 million issued against the payment of electricity bills has bounced. Lesco XEN Mughalpura, Fawad Ahmad said that a final notice has been issued to the railway officials and, thereafter, the connections would be cut off.
Besides, over 70 retired drivers recruited on contract have been plainly told that railway has neither the trains nor cash to run them. On the other hand, railway employees’ protest against non-payment of salaries continued.
Railway Prem Union senior vice-president, Sheikh Anwar said that railway has gone bankrupt, neither there is cash for payment of salaries nor for payment of electricity bills.


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