Now Railway Officers on strike

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Rawalpindi: Now railway officers on strike
RAWALPINDI, March 2: For the first time in the history of Pakistan Railways, the divisional officers in Rawalpindi, Lahore and Peshawar started a two-day ‘pen down’ strike on Wednesday against the arrest and humiliation of three of their colleagues by the Railway police.
In a joint letter, the railway officials asked the secretary, Ministry of Railways, Chairman Railways and general manager operations to take disciplinary action against the superintendent of Railway police Rawalpindi and DSP Railway, Peshawar, for violating the directives of the general manager Operations regarding registering of first information reports (FIRs) and arresting officers and staff.
The decision to observe the ‘pen down’ strike was taken at a meeting of senior officials of Pakistan Railways in Rawalpindi during which all officers agreed to stand by and endorse the stance taken by the civil engineers of Pakistan Railways of going on strike.
According to the contents of the letter sent to higher officials, the former officials of Pakistan Railways belonging to Peshawar division, Saeed Khan and Fazle Raziq and Mr Zahid of Rawalpindi division had been arrested and humiliated by the SP Railways Rawalpindi and DSP Railway police, Peshawar.
The officials decided that no office work would be undertaken during the pen down strike except for emergency and safety operations.
However, they warned that if their demands were not met by the close of office hours on Thursday, the entire railway operation from Khyber to Karachi will be suspended.
In the initial phase, three divisions observed pen down strike, while the divisions at Karachi, Multan, Sukkur and Quetta will join the strike on Friday in case the highups of Pakistan Railways fail to accept their demands, an official of the department said.
Another official told Dawn that all officials of Pakistan Railways had submitted applications with their respective divisional heads for a four-month leave as protest against the misbehavior of police officials.
He alleged that the performance of the Railway police was zero whereas the government was spending Rs1.5 billion on maintaining the police.
The officials demanded that the government should shut down the railway police department and repatriate the entire staff to their respective parent departments.

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