Lahore: Railway workers protest against nonpayment of salaries

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Lahore: Railway workers protest against nonpayment of salaries
Lahore(15 October,2011) – Pakistan Railways employees protested against nonpayment of salaries and stopped railway traffic.

Labour Union Leaders announced Save Railway Movement from October 18, 2010

The protesting employees stopped the railway engines during the demonstration at Lahore Washing Line due to which several trains delayed and the commuters had to face trouble.

Later the protesting employees reached at Garhi Shahu Bridge and blocked the traffic. The labour leaders severely criticized the federal government and Pakistan Railways management.
Speaking to the gathering, the labour leaders said that the workers would save Pakistan Railways and a workers alliance has been formed in this regard.
They said that the railway traffic would be jammed throughout the country if the government does not pay the salaries on time.

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