PTCL Pensioners Problems : Muhammad Tauqeer writes from Sialkot

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As much as 40000 Pensioners of PTCL are facing great problems by Denial of Increase in Pension and grant of Medical Allowance announced by Government of Pakistan. You are requested to please give a few lines space in your column to highlight the issue of these old, sick FOURTY Thousand people including widows and orphans throughout the country.

Following are few points to understand our problems:

1-PT&T employees retired as government servants from Pakistan Telegraph and Telephone Department.

2-T&T employees were retired as government employees from Telegraph and Telephone Department.

3-During the transition to PTC, the employees of T&T were transferred to PTC as “Regular Employees”.

4-While PTCL was formed, the “Regular Employees” were retransferred to PTCL on same conditions.Regular Employees had the status of Government Employees and their status could not be changed.

5-The pension increase announced by the Government of Pakistan time to time was applied to all the pensioners irrespective of PT&T,T&T,PTC and PTCL employees till 2009.Every time Government of Pakistan announced annual budget, the increases announced applied on pensioners and there never had been any hindrance to this effect.

6-In 2010 annual budget, GoP announced 15% to 20% increase in pensions and introduced 20% to 25% Medical Allowance to all the pensioners throughout  Pakistan .

7-All the departments including Pakistan Railways which is in sheer loss, has implemented these announcement made by the GoP.

8- Ministry of IT& Telecom responsible for its implementation to the PT&T, T&T, PTC and PTCL retired employees failed to do so.

9-After 7-months protests, rallies and correspondence, only 8% pension increase has been made and still the pensioners are deprived of their right to increase in pension and Medical allowance.

10-There are more than 39000 pensioners scattered throughout Pakistan including thousands of Widows and Orphans who are unable to purchase medicine in case of any disease and are bound to even die without any medical treatment.

11-A lot of efforts have been made to highlight this issue before Secretary IT, MD PTET and other government representatives but nothing positive has emerged out of it.

It is therefore requested that please highlight problems of these helpless people. ALLAH will give you more than you even think of as a reward of it INSHA ALLAH.

Thanks in advance,

Yours Truly,

Muhammad Tauqeer,
PTCL Pensioners Action Committee

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5 thoughts on “PTCL Pensioners Problems : Muhammad Tauqeer writes from Sialkot

  1. Bakht Rawan

    Tauqeer Sahib, I would like to inform you that PTCL Board of Directors were increasing Pension up to 2009 but why PTCL administration denied in 2010. They denied due to Medical Allowance being 25%, but sorry to say that Ex-Prime Minister Gilani could not take stands on their own words/order passed by Members of National Assembly as well as Senate of Pakistan and this was the biggest misfortune of PTCL Pensioners. May Almighty Allah Help the poor and unapproachable retired pensioners.

  2. Raheel

    Can somebody update the latest hearing status about PTCL pensioners cases in different courts please.

  3. ajaz rasool butt jallal pur jattan

    pentioners bhaio asal ghagra ye ha k atislat ne fund ptet konahin dye magar 4 arab rupia benazir income sport main dya ha aap ye fikar na karain k aapko aapka haq nahin milega wo to jab hum sub honourable court se govt servent declare ho gai hain inshala har keemat par milega ab hamain inki dukhti ragper hath rakhna hoga k kharbon rupee ka asasa korion ke mool dia gia ha harangi ki bat ha k steel mill ka to buhat shor macha ha magar 1000 steel milain jis main nikalti hain uska shore kisi bhi mna mpa ya siasi jamat ne nahin uthaya ab hamain chahye jahan apna haq ki bat karain wahan is dhandli ki bhi bat karain allah hum sab ke lye behtar kare


    786/110 , Aaj k pensioner kal k employ’s thy! Aaj k employ’s kal k pensioners hongay, PENSIONERS kee jadojahed main sabhi aek ho jaao – PPP walon ne kon say faislay awam k haq main kee-ay hain jo ab karain gay, aapas main mutahed ho jaa-ain, group bazi khatam karain, hazer service our pensioners main ITHAAD hona chaheeye, ham honourable courts say tawaqu rkhtay hain k wo hamaray haq main faislaa dyn, 39,000 (Thirty nine thousand) khandanon ka masela na Federal Govt: our na PTCL Management samajh rahee hay? YA ALLAH HAMAIN INSAF DEY.

  5. Rafique Ahmad Surhio Dadu sindh

    Plz correct it,I mean on 27th december 2011(warsi of Shaheed Muhterma Benazir Bhutto)

  6. Rafique Ahmad Surhio Dadu sindh

    These 11 points are geneiun problems of ptcl pensioners,but question is that what struggle is needed to solve that problems.
    our struggle is only on few press releases and some small agitations.
    I think its not enough and also not result oriented so its very bad need of present to unite in all Pakistan and arrange district wise agitation and hunger strikes,also main role of 3 cities are very important. i.e 1.IslamAbad..2.Karachi.3.Larkana..if pensioners of larkana and union bearers arrange 300 people`s(pensioners) crowd at GHARHI KHUDA BUX on @&th december 2011 before the leadership of PPP ,its mostly chance that we will achieve the goal of pensioners.


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