Pensioners demands 35% increase in their pension

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Pensioners demands 35% increase in their pension – Association for the Welfare of Retired Personnel (AWRP)

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Islamabad (May 28, 2011) – Association for the Welfare of Retired Personnel (AWRP), a representative body of all the pensioners of the country, in a meeting chaired by its President Pervaiz Ahmad Butt draws the attention of the prime minister and the finance minister to grant 30% to 35% increase in pensions not given in the last year budget.
It may be reminded that in the last budget all the in service personals were given 50% increase in running salaries whereas only 15% to 20% increase was given to pensioners which was a clear injustice because the effects of inflation is the same for all salaried persons.
The executive body also demanded extra 30% to 35% increase in pensions keeping in view the current inflation which is much more than 15.5% as declared by the State Bank of Pakistan.
The AWRP also called upon the governor of State Bank and the Ministry of Finance to get its order implemented by all the branches of commercial banks to disburse pensions. None of the branches of such banks has started issuance of pensions though the pensioners maintain their accounts in those banks. This year almost all the banks earned 10% profit on these accounts because of huge interest rate charged from the loonies.
At present only the National Bank of Pakistan is disbursing pensions to the retired persons.
The AWRP called upon the SBP to advise all the banks to advertise extensively on electronic and print media the procedure to get pensions from their respective banks.
The body observed that the income tax deductions made from retired employees are more than the serving employees.

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  1. ahmad ali

    Adhoc relif 1.7.99, 30.6.2003, 1.7.2004, 24.6.2006 and 21.7.2009 may please be allowed to old pensioners those retired prior to introductory of pay scale 2011 as Old pensioners drawing less pension instead of pensioners those retired after pay scale 2011 in which inclusion of adhoc relief admissible to them and services tribunal passed the same for those retired before introductory of new pay scale 2011, but supreme court of Pakistan rejected the Federal service tribunal decision, which cause great financial difficulties in these hard days.

    In view of the above please review the supreme court order and implement the Federal service tribunal decision and take prayers of old Pensioners,


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