OGRA Chairman Tauqir Sadiq Master Degree Found Fake

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ISLAMABAD (April 17, 2011): HEC has declared master’s degree of Chairman OGRA Tauqir Sadiq & brother in law of PPP secretary general, Jehangir Badar is fake and the educational institution referred in the degree does not exist either in the United States or United Kingdom.
Director HEC told The News on Saturday that Islamabad High Court directed the Commission to verify the existence of an institution by the name of American University of London. After investigation, it was revealed that no such institution existed either in the US or UK.
When contacted, Sadiq said his master’s degree had nothing to do with his current appointment since the qualification for the slot of chairman, as given in Section 3 of the OGRA Ordinance, is an LLB degree and 20 years of experience. “I did my LLB in 1987 and have 22 years of experience so I am eligible for the post of OGRA chairman even without this master’s degree,” Sadiq told The News. “Some corrupt elements in the institution who want to avoid disciplinary action are trying to put pressure on me.”
He said the name of the university from where he got his master’s degree is American University in London instead of American University of London as mentioned in his documents. He also says this university is affiliated with Quaid-i-Azam Law College.
The HEC says that when asked to investigate the case, it wasn’t in its knowledge if the purpose was to verify the degree itself. “Islamabad High Court only directed us to verify the authenticity of the institution, not the degree,” said the HEC official. “So irrespective of what the purpose of the query was, we only investigated whether the institution was operating anywhere in the US or UK.”
Tauqir Sadiq is the brother-in-law of PPP secretary-general, Jehangir Badar, and was also employed in the Wah Ordnance Factories. The authenticity of his degree was earlier challenged in the high court, where upon the Islamabad High Court ordered an investigation.

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  1. Jahan Ara Kamil


    It is to state that my husband Muhammad Kamil Khan departed on 29 April 2011 was served at OGDCL for 30 years devotedly.
    As my husband is only bread earner of our family. I have only one daughter and son and my son is done MBA (finance). After the death of my husband we are facing great distress financially and psychologically.
    I have send an application to OGDCL they reject the application and current Managing director ogdcl Mr. Masood Siddiqui replied that the policy is only for staff not for officers. Although he was the one of the member of organization who worked hard and gave his 30 years of services to make this company successful and now after his death the company refused to help our family. Why this discrimination does the officers dont eat or the officers dont have the families.
    In this regard it is requested to please help us.

    I will always grateful to you.

    Widow of late Muhammad Kamil Khan
    Sr. Accountant, OGDCL, (OG-102340)
    Flat no A-207, Hunaid City, Blk-17,
    Gulistan-e-Johar. Karachi.
    Phone no: 03335251430 / 03332315988


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