NHA Regularised Daily Wages and Contract Employees

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NHA Regularized 3000 Daily Wages and Contract Employees

ISLAMABAD (Oct 12, 2011) : National Highway Authority has regularised the services of about 3,000 daily-wage and contract employees who have been working for the organisation for one year or more.

The workers were appointed in BPS-1 to BPS-14 over the last 14 years.
The services of the employees who have yet to attain the requisite experience will be regularised after the completion of the prescribed period of time.
Federal Minister for Communications Dr Arbab Alamgir Khan Khalil made the announcement here on Wednesday while speaking to a large gathering of NHA`s daily-wage and contract employees. He said that no employee would be laid off.

`The People`s Party, whenever it comes to power, is known for providing jobs to people, not depriving them of means of livelihood. So noone will be made jobless,` the minister told the gathering.
He congratulated the newly-regularised employees and advised them to work with diligence and play their role in the progress and development of the country.
He said the NHA was a `world-renowned organisation` and it was the duty of all its officials and workers to maintain its standards.
NHA chairman Syed Muhammad Ali Gardezi told Dawn that a notification about the regularisation of the services of the 3,000 workers had already been issued.

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