Young Doctors Association (YDA) Punjab Starts Hunger Strike

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Death’ or ‘justice’ – YDA Punjab on hunger strike

Lahore (Monday, February 4, 2013) – Members to the Young Doctors’ Association (YDA) went on a hunger strike on Monday, and set up a camp outside Services Hospital on Jail Road. The YDA is on strike for the last 20 days against the Punjab government’s behavior towards doctors.

YDA hunger strike in Lahore (Punjab)
YDA hunger strike in Lahore (Punjab)

Doctors have been treating patients in the camps set up at the hospital. However, more than 100 doctors vowed not to eat or drinking anything except water “until death or justice attained”. Meanwhile the protesters also demanded the Punjab government resume provision of free medicines/drugs, laboratory investigations, bedding, and operation procedures/tools used in operations to the people coming to public hospitals of the province.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Salman Kazmi of the YDA said that doctors would continue the strike until they are provided a service structure, which had already been approved by the authorities concerned on November 7, 2012 after a long struggle of six months by young doctors of Punjab.

He said that no clause of the approved service structure had yet been implemented, which the government had promised to implement within six weeks of its signing. He said that many machines in public hospitals were out of order.

“We have also added the demand for repair of these machinery in our protest agenda, which is for the welfare of the general public,” Salman added.

He said that justice to seven young doctors of Gujranwala, who had been in jail for the past 32 days, was also included in the demands.

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