YDA Protest in Nishtar Hospital Multan – 4th Day

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YDA Protest in Nishtar Hospital Multan – 4th Day

Protest of Nishtar Students Continues on 4th Consecutive Day against “Police Gardii” on innocent Nishtar students and house officers ( Remember those students and Dr who were handed over to police , their names were not even in application forwarded by administration) planned n supported by Dr.Tariq Jamil( Assist warden ) and Dr.Shahid Rao who also threatened the students in the police station .

YDA Multan Fully supports the genuine demands of Nishtar students n stands against police gardi n its supporters . YDA Multan will react strongly if Genuine demands are not fulfilled n strict action is not taken against Culprits of sad incident of police gardi on innocent nishtar student.

Face Book Comments
Adeel Tariq Yda is only representative of doctors PMA is no more anywhere. We r united I we ill protect n fight for all our members
Faisal Aziz PMA ( Personal Mufad Association)
Adeel Tariq Meri jan jawani yda. I always feel protected due to yda. I love u ydains
Sarmad Khan N let me know ppl…. yda has just started protest with students…if students dont get justice this local protest can become mega protest spreading all over punjab…na phir baans rahay ga na bansri…so dont try to b over smart
Jamal Hafeez Medical student is no seperate entity…. Ho.ship and pgr.ship is a part of post graduate medical education. And what do ppl say about cme ( cont medical education)… A doctor is a student till death. Ofcourse if he or she decides to change his or her field.
Syed Muhammad Ahmed Ahmed ali malik u have been in nishtar for the past say 7 yrs we are here for the past 12 yrs n know who is who we need no certificate from anyone . We are time tested .
Secondly it was the students who came to us for help we are not like those who are filled with filthy politics and do things for just our loved ones I mean the goon gang we are who stand for all.
Salahudin Khan Ahmad ali malik sb.. answer 1 thing. . Students ko hmny nae involve kia.. RAO sb. Ny involve kia. . Jaan k ik esy student ko uthva k, jo rao sb k naaraay nahi lgata tha. R students ko ye show kraya gya, k agr rao sb. K naaray na lgao gy to academics, …See More
Faisal Aziz Yda is name of sincerity ,stuggle n sacrifice
Zia Haider for those who r saying tht YDA is doing politics…..
whn police came in mid of nite and take u 2 police station…standing against ths injustice is politics????
whn ur name is not in application frwrded by administration and u stood up against ths inj…See More
Faisal Aziz V.comprehensive answer by Zia Haider bhaiii
Faran Aslam Ahmad ali malik, YDA will fight for rights of doctors… nd that person will also be kicked out from system, if he found culprit in victimizing any student… we will deal strictly against such shits in nishtar now…
Hassan Abbas yar aisay banday ka name lena bhi gunnah h mugh say poocho to .na is insaniyat h na insaniyat say muhabbat aur is say ziada me is ki shaan me kuch ni keh sakta .
Hassan Abbas He is sick minded person only
Hassan Abbas aur jo isy defend kare wo is say bhi bada sick minded h
M Samar Nazir YDA walay bhaaio lagay raho… Students r no doubt part of yda… And YDA is true and only represntatve…
Hassan Abbas aur ye hamari Dr’s community ka failure hai jo aisy sick minded logo ko ab tak bardasht karty aye hain .kick him out just
Hassan Abbas Dr’s kay name pay dhaba hai aisy log
Hassan Abbas mery ikhtiyar me Ho agar to me is ki degree zabt kar lo
Hassan Abbas Is say bartan saf karwao wo bhi paisy diye begair
Sohail Khan YDA is representative of doctor community it has proved whenever time comes……so please stay united don’t listen to useless selfish peoples who only live for themselves…….

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