WAPDA Hydro Union Protests against NIRC CBA Decision

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Wapda Hydro Labour Union workers protest

Lahore (June 6, 2012) – WAPDA and electricity workers on Wednesday staged a protest demonstration in favour of their demands. The protest was organised by the WAPDA Hydro Electric Central Labour Union. The Hydro Union leader Khurished Ahmed along with other representatives addressed them.

Khurshed Ahmad Address in Rally at Lahore

The employees holding banners and placards chanted slogans against the government demanding of the revision of their pay-scales and other benefits for the low-grade employees.

They condemned the proposed privatization of electricity and government policies to not generate electricity with cheap cost. They also raised slogans against the status of CBA which the government had given to another WAPDA union (Pegham Union). They said the step was against the will of thousands workers of the WAPDA. They also raised slogans against the load shedding, unemployment and price hike.

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