Uniformity of Education System: Federal Government Teachers Association (FGTA) Recommendations

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Federal Education Recommendation - Pakistan ministry of education

Federal Government Teachers Association (FGTA) has issued recommendations to ensure the implementation of directives by Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani, which basically revolves around the uniformity of education system in FG colleges.
According to information FGTA has issued recommendations to ensure the implementation of teachers’ package to be announced on Monday (today) by PM at the Jinnah Convention Centre.
According to a copy of recommendations the four-pronged uniformity has been recommended by the FGTA, a body of about 6,000 teachers working in 388 education institutions situated in Islamabad Capital Territory’s, rural and urban area.
The association recommended the uniform nomenclature of educational institutions with uniform syllabi and uniform distribution of financial resources among all public sector institutions. They also recommended the uniform nomenclature of faculty designations with uniform recruitment and promotion policy for faculty members and administrators of all public sector institutions.
FGTA has demanded the uniform administrative and academic structure of all public sector institutions besides uniform control and command system at the FDE Level. “To ensure the implementation of uniformity of educational system in ICT in letter and spirit, it is mandatory that a diverse dialogue should be opened at all levels ensuring meaningful participation of all stakeholders to evolve a consensus document to decide all modalities with comparatively more extensive validity and reliability,” recommended the letter while adding that FGTA, Islamabad can extend its cooperation and play pivotal role under the dynamic and visionary leadership of Azhar Mehmood Awan, President FGTA, Islamabad, in this most important assignment for the academicians of all levels in particular and for the public, in general.
According to the package to be announced today (Monday) the MTTs (BPS-9) shall be upgraded as BPS-14, TUGTs/DMs/PTIs (Junior) (BPS-14) shall be upgraded as BPS-16 and TGTs/PTI (Senior) (BPS-16) and above shall be upgraded to next higher scales. Moreover, it asks the merger of all FG Schools and FG Colleges as Islamabad Model Colleges.
Talking to ‘The News’ FGTA, Advisor to President, M A Shahid said that they would be more than happy if the relevant authority would listen to their recommendations and would apply it in letter and spirit. “We hope that the government would listen to our recommendations, as it has listened to our demands,” he added.
Earlier, the government was to announce the package last month, but due to unknown reasons it had delayed the event, which caused unrest among the teachers. The federal government teachers also threatened to close down academic institutions, if their demands were not met on immediate basis. It was then that FDE DG Shaheen Khan assured the teachers that their demands would be met as soon as possible and requested them to continue attending classes.

( Daily English TheNews published on November 8, 2010 )

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