Two weekly holidays can be announced on September 27, 2011

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Two weekly holidays can be announced on September 27, 2011

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ISLAMABAD (Tuesday, September 20, 2011) : Government of Pakistan is all set to approve two weekly holidays for all government departments and affiliated institutions in the energy conference likely to take place on September 27.
Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani will chair the energy moot to be attended by chief ministers of the four federating units. The date for the conference is not yet finalised but will most likely take place on September 27 in the Prime Minister’s Secretariat. The energy conference will approve practical conservation measures to tackle the power deficit that had risen to 6,000 MW during the peak summer season.
According to the summary of the energy efficiency and conservation code, 2011, which will be taken up for approval and a copy of which is available with The News, the demand for electricity has increased by a factor of 21 percent over the last year to a peak of 18,500 MW in June this year. Currently, the maximum availability of electricity is 14,500 MW.
The summary says that in order to reduce electricity load shedding during the peak hours, all billboard and hoarding lights will immediately be replaced with solid-state lighting. This will save 700 MW of electricity. Similarly no new lighting other than solid state will be installed. Phased replacement of road lights, streetlights and park lights with solid-state lighting will be ensured and all existing lights that require replacement in routine maintenance or for any fault will be replaced with solid-state lights only. All new housing schemes in public and private sectors will also be directed to have solid-state lighting and solar geysers or instant gas geysers.
The document says the phased replacement of ordinary lights with solid-state lights and gas geysers with solar and instant gas geysers will save almost 2,500 MW of electricity and 500 million cubic feet gas per day. A ban will be imposed on commercial decorative lights.
It also says that all marriage halls and commercial establishments will be directed to switch over to solid state lighting if they want to operate after sunset. Evening marriage functions will be restricted to three hours during the peak hours.
The lights of the Presidency, Prime Minister’s Secretariat, federal ministries, governors’ houses, chief ministers’ houses, provincial ministries and all government offices will be reduced by 50 percent and solid-state lights will be inducted.
Excessive illumination on the highways and motorways is to be discouraged under the proposed energy conservation measures through spacing and lower wattage and through replacement by solid-state lights. In addition, early commissioning of the partially completed plants will also be facilitated.
(Published in “TheNews” on 20-9-2011)

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