Budget 2017-2018 for Govt Employees Live Updates

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Today Budget 2017 for Govt Employees Live Updates

Today federal minister for finance Muhammad Ishaq Dar is presenting annual fiscal budget 2017-2018. He will address in special session of national assembly of Pakistan. The special meeting of NA is convened in Qaumi Assembly Hall Islamabad. All members of government and opposition benches are invited to atteand the annual session.

Latest Updates and Breaking News:-

Pak Fouj Salary Increase 20 Percent in Budget 2017-18
Pak Fouj Salary Increase 20 Percent in Budget 2017-18

According to Dawn News report, federal cabinet has approved the increase in salaries and pension of govt. employees. Federal Cabinet has also approved to merge the two adhoc allowance of 2008 and 2010 in Basic pays. Thus revised pay Scales are also approved. While pension has also been approved to increase. Adhoc relief allowance of 10% will be added for year 2017

  1. Increase in salary Expected from 10-15 Percent
  2. Merging of two adhoc relief allowance in Basic Pays (Revised Pay Scales 2017)
  3. Increase in Pension expected 15%
  4. Minimum Pay Rs.15000 per month
  5. Pakistan Army (pak Fauj) pay increase 20%
  • 04:20PM Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif reached parliament House to attend the budget session .
  • 04:55PM Ishaq Dar started his speech of Budget.
  • 06:00PM Finance Minister announced Special Allowance of 10% of basic pay. This will be extra as increased in salaries in Budget today. Good News for Fouji Jawans and Officers.

This is last Budget of ruling Pakistan Muslim League (N). Next year is the election year. So the PMLN is trying to present its best ever budget of the current tenure. It is expected that the development budget will be historical in figure. It will be all time high in terms of Rupees. It will be 2.34 trillion. While total budget will be 4.7 trillion.

Previous News Report of Salary, Pay and Pension

What are Government Employees expecting from today Budget?

Budget 2017-2018 Today Live Update
Budget 2017-2018 Today Live Update

Federal and provincial Government employees / public servants are expecting the revision of basic pay scales. They are seeing the merging of adhoc allowance @50 of the year 2010. Which was announced by the the last federal govt. of the Pakistan Peoples party (PPP). Revised pay Scales 2017 will add notable benefits to in service and employees near to retirement age. It will also beneficial in getting lot of others allowances which are being calculated on the running Basic Pay.

Another expectation from today budget is the increase in House Rent. The house rent allowance had been raised before many years. It is also add lot of benefits.

Others expected announcement may be Adhoc allowance for the year 2017. While Medical allowance and conveyance allowance are also need to be raise in the current fiscal annual budget 2017.

Pension Increase of the Pensioners

It is expected that the fiance minister will announce to increase the pension of retired employees from 10-15 percent.

PMLN Successfully going in Power Sector

The Govt. of PMLN is now seeming to going in right direction to overcome the shortage of electricity. The big step in this direction is inauguration of Qadir Abad Sahiwal Coal Power Plant. It has been completed in only 22 months. Hurrahhh,

Nawaz Sharif Inaugurating Qadirabad Sahiwal Coal Power Plant of 1328 MW
Nawaz Sharif Inaugurating Qadirabad Sahiwal Coal Power Plant of 1328 MW

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