SNGPL Result of CBA Union Referendum 2012

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Sui Northern Gas Company CBA Union Election Results 2012

Lahore (June 28, 2012) – CBA Union Election was held in Sui Northern gas Pipeline limites (SNGPL) on 28-6-2012.

Almost 8000 employees of gas company use their right of vote.

Sui Northern Gas Employees Union Pir Muhammad Group of Raja Mumtaz wins this election with the margin of 1000 votes. The Loser Unions were Mazdoor Ittehad Union and Employees Union Pir Group of Shahzada Iqbal.

Sui Northern Gas Company CBA Union Referendum Result 2012

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3 thoughts on “SNGPL Result of CBA Union Referendum 2012

  1. Saqib Multan

    SNGEU was never a Politically Supportive Union since its starting. It is 100% internal matter between Sui Northern Gas Employees.
    Total No of votes for 2012-14 were 6348 and 5961 votes were castes from all over the Pakistan. Peer Mohammad (Raja Group) got 3520 votes (59%), Mazdoor Ithad Group got 1529 (26%) and Peer Mohammad (Afghani Group) scored 911 (15%) votes.
    That was an overall clean sweep from 62 polling centers in all over the Pakistan with 60% majority supported Raja Group.
    This should also be noted that New Prime Minister “Raja Perveez Ashraf” took oath on 22-07-2012 and election were held on 28-07-2012 and non of any polling station got any dispute. All employees independently casts their vote and have no issue till date.

    If majority of employees rejected some people to be their Central Bargaining Agent (CBA), they should accept and respect the democracy and also should stop that kind of FAKE media misconduct.

  2. Tahir Majeed Sheikhzada

    Margin of victory of the successful panel is way above 1000 votes as you have claimed. Why have not you published detailed results? I mean the no. of aggregate votes each group secured. The no. of employees in SNGPL who use their right to vote is around 6500 not 8000. This speaks of lack of information on your source’s part.

  3. Sardar Jehangir

    Admin Please correct your information PIR MUHAMMAD Group never been PPP supported Group, Because SNGPL employees never allowed political parties to interefare their internal politics. one more correction its Raja Mukhtar not Raja Mumtaz.


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