4 responses to “Salaries, Pensions, Conveyance and Medical Allowances will increase in Budget 2013-14”

  1. muhammad azhar aslam

    their is nothing for govt employees in this budget

  2. khawaja G

    Following Package in introduced by Finance Ministry:

    10 % Increses in Basic Pay

    50% increses in Medical Allce

    20% increses in Convance Allce

    House Rent Allce will be Renewed as per New 2011 Pay Scale.

  3. Abdul

    Khawaja G yeh jhooti baten kion phela rahe ho apko kon bata raha h k ye allownces incease hue hain. Newspapers likh rahe hain k ye sirf adhoc allownce hai aur doosra koi allwnce increase nahi hua

  4. anwar

    allownces not increase in budget 2013-14

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