Salaries and Pension Increase proposed 15-20 percent in budget 2013-14

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Pay/Salaries and Pension Increase proposed 15-20 percent in budget 2013-14 (Daily Express Lahore News Report)

Published on Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Two Proposal for Govt employees Salary Increase

1- Allowance of 15%

2- Mergers of all allowances in Basic Pay with 100% increase in Basic Pay

Salary and Pension increase in next Budget 2013-14
Salary and Pension increase in next Budget 2013-14

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20 thoughts on “Salaries and Pension Increase proposed 15-20 percent in budget 2013-14

  1. Muhammad Siddique

    Government employees are serving for their own interest they cheat the Pakistani public in every sector on which basis they demand for increase according to their zero rated performance. In 1976 all government servant were drawn Rs. 60/- per month whereas industrial workers were drawn RS. 63 plus other incentive. Now Government employees drawn pension not less than Rs. 9,000 to above and industrial workers whose inducted the foreign exchange in national Exchequer for the last six decade drawn Rs. 3600/- per month. Government employees has looted the workers funds in EOBI and now they demand further increase. It is very sad on their part..

  2. hayatullah khan

    dear govt servent bhaio lo mzay kro tnkha budget me 1 percent bhe nhe bhri aur mahngai k toofan aur tax bayshumar brahai hain,aur vote do pmln ko ,yh 100 percent true he k pmln anti empoyer hy

  3. mian waheed

    I am a government servant in judiciary. Mian brothers are always against the government servants. they never increased salaries morethan 10 %. In this budget they will again repeat the practise.

  4. Ghulam Dastgeer khan

    Nawaz Sharif is a foolish person and anti employee. his govt cant run more than a year. army will over take his govt. His brother Shabaz Sharif has qualities of a leader.He must come forward and lead the nation overall.

  5. a.raihan

    Ais Mulk koo 1947,kay bad koi honest politician ya religious leader nana mil ska,tamam choor aur dakoo musalat rahay aur berooni,loan bhee khaa gay aur apnay mulk koo bhee lota,in main sab say saray first,Gandi khanadan,NWFP,Fazalur Rehman,of DIK,Samiulhaq insanoo kaa qatal aur dehsahat gardoon kaa bap,Hussain Ahad ,aur etc shamal hain,jinki waja say aaj qoom masial main ghri hoi hay,inka koi vision nahi,audur balaucistan main bugti jasay,ghanzeer aur soor mojood thay,joo ab Allah kay qher ki waja say socide karkay halak hoochuka hay,liqan aus ki dali ulad ab taak india say raqam kay badaly nuksan poncha rahay hay,in sab ka safia nana ki gia too qoom tarki nahi karsakti.

  6. Amir Zeb

    Sir, AOA wish you to serve the nation in a better way. we request for controlling, “Mehingai”, Loadshedding and to bring Currency of Pakistan stronger as at least it was in 1990.
    We also request to the present Ministery of Finance to stop House Subsidy and to increase House Rent 100% for all employees either in big city or in small city as the situation is the same.
    Because it is injustice that a person having his own home and gets house subsidy.while an employee having no home and pay house rent three times more than his present house rent.

  7. Loppy

    Respected Sir Ishaaq Dar, Please merge all ad

    allowances in Basic salaries only. No need to increase the salaries.

  8. Nasim

    I am a Govt. Employer, Pay Increased only 10% in Initial basic Pay, SOOO SAD, Asay HUKMARANO PER AFSOS HAI,

  9. Abdul Wahid Qureshi

    Governments Servants ko iss hakomat say koi umeed nahi hai, Yeh 7.5% sarley bahra k Government Servants k mooh pay tamacha marain gay, Inhon nai hemsha he aisay kiya hai

  10. Abdul

    Thori si bheek mil jayegi gov employees ko dont be excited about monitization wo kabhi bhi nahi milegi specially nawaz k regime me

  11. javeria ijaz

    oh sorry, opur meray comments mein contact ghalat type ho gya h.

  12. javeria ijaz

    what about housing monetization facility….
    Pay rise is also a major concern. secretrait employees ko 20% percent de diye and not to attach departments. this pay distortion policy should be discouraged.and asif rana sb, i dont agree with u k nawaz sharif acha admi hy.
    pay k baray koi authentic news ho to plz. mje zror btaein. my contct no. is 0315-7201010.javeria

  13. javeria ijaz

    what is about pay increase in the next budget. i work in govt. department. plz. agar kisi k pas koi authentic news ho tou mje zror btaein.thnx.
    my contact no. is 0315-7201010.javeria

  14. Nasir Khan

    Respected Prime Minster, Mian Nawaz Sharif Sahib
    Sir, Please look into the matter that Stenographers grades are upgraded from Nov. 2011 and Selection Grade Stenographers are deprived from it. As mostly are in Selection Grade more than 20 years. Junior Stenographers allowed upgradation, but senior most are deprived of this, it is injustice and in Islamic Republic of Pakistan, every citizen have equal rights. as well as in all Pakistan, salaries should be same for justice. As all rules and regulations are equal but salaries are different.

    Hope for positive response.

    Nasir Ali Khan

  15. Amir Zarif hussain

    Respected Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif Sahib
    Sir, Old pensioners are look into you Sir, Please do for these pensioners as their Adhoc Relief Allowances which were not merged in their pension. Hence Case filed in FS.T Islamabad and decided to Incluse adhoc relief from Jul 99 to Jul 11 in emolument for countable for pension those retired in this period. Please help and also increase pension 25 to 30% in this budget 2013-14
    . God will help you sir
    Amair Zarif Hussain
    Retired Ordnance Officer Civilian Karachis

  16. ikhlas Abbasi

    Nawaz Sharif Govt must announce in this year budget 2013-14 unified pay scales according to the recmandation pay and pension team members those who have been finalized in last year, So that all employees can feel justice. And It is not yet now fully confirm how much salary of the employees will increase in the Financial Budget 2013-14. Various news has been received from the different News Papers regarding the pay and allowances for the employees.


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