Revised Pay Scale Pension and Salary Increase 10-20 Percent Proposed in Budget 2016-17

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Revised Pay Scale Pension and Salary Increase 10-20 Percent Proposed in Budget 2016-17 for Govt Employees

(News Report Published in Daily Express Lahore on Wednesday, May 04, 2016)

Bdget 2016-2017 and Pay and Pension Increase News latest
Bdget 2016-2017 and Pay and Pension Increase News latest

Islamabad (Wed, May 4, 2016) РFederal Government has started working on the the increase of Pay and Pension of Public Servants / Govt Employees. This Increase should be 10% to 20%.  While according to pay Committee recommendations working on Pay Scales Revision of employees is also started.

It has been questioned that how much the increase in Pays/Salaries of Govt employees upto 10%, 15% and 20% will impact on the financial condition.

While another proposal is to merge the two or three adhoc relief allowance and revised the Basic Pay Scales of the employees. Which will impact more positive on the over all salaries and pension benefits of the Government employees.

Final Decision will be taken in a meeting held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.

Revised Pay Scale and Increase in Pension and Salary 10-20 Percent Proposal for Govt Employees
Revised Pay Scale and Increase in Pension and Salary 10-20 Percent Proposal for Govt Employees

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25 thoughts on “Revised Pay Scale Pension and Salary Increase 10-20 Percent Proposed in Budget 2016-17

  1. usman

    1saal intizar kia aur ap na kia dia . Allah pak sa dua ha mari ap ki govt pora 5 saal b pooray na kra . Ap jald sa jald govt ma na rhain ameeeeeen . Ya 20crore awam Inshallah an k bad ap k Lia duain krna choir dain gi. Bht dukh hua ha. Bus mazeeed ap ko sharm ni a ni . Ap log teak ni han

  2. uaman

    Nawaz Sharif sb kash k ap b hamaray jaisay gharib midle clas hotay to ap ko pta chalta. Ap ka operation hmari duauon ki wja sa kmyab hua ha ap ko to 50 ni to 20/ 25% salary to bharhaty . 20crore awam na ap ko vote dia phir ini logon na ap k lia doain ki ap na hma sirf 10% he dana tha . Allah kray ap pa b ya time ay to ap ko pta chlay ga.

  3. Iqbal ahmad

    Please aap sb sy aik hai Don’t vote forguzaDon’t PTI, PML N , PPP , JUI, JI,

  4. H.B Abbasi

    Do not expect much more from so called Govt. Because they want to do their own bussiness.They are not worried about people of Pakistan.They want inflation only in their Bank accounts.We Pakistani people are the responsible to appoint them as Rulers of this rich country.

  5. isso

    Things need to be changed in govt organizations both salary/facilities and working. All employees should also think about good work and behavior and govt should provide facilitates to them so that they could considerate on work.

  6. Sadauat Ali

    We not hope from N leageue Govt this is enemy of Govt employees this govt give 2 budget’s only 10% in one budget and other budget 7.5% increase shame for this govt no increase conveyance allowance, no increase house rent allowance a grade 17 officer received 4427 pm allowance not possible for a house rent for his family no increase computer allowance since last 25 years Rs. 1500 pm month

  7. isso

    Well all govts are playing with employees. Previous govt provided good ad hoc allowances but also freeze some key allowances like house rent allowance and medical allowance and made huge inflation (mahgaee) so over all no benefit. This government made less inflation but provide so less increase in salary. So over all our condition is same as 10 years before. I mean life condition is same and no saving at all

  8. imran

    ye bechary apni fectory mulazimin ko dekhte hn k mulazmin ki tankhain barain to in ki barani parti jis sy ye gharib hotan hn

  9. Mirza AbubakarSadiq C/OFF Muhammad Abbas

    Bhaio dua karo Imran khan isi tarrah pressure banay rakhy agar pressure kam ho gya to 5% se zyada ki umeed deewanay ka khawab hai

  10. Sacha Pakistani

    Bhiao ye govt aapko jo b day lelo Q k bhagtay chor ki langoot hi sahi ……..

  11. Zia-ur-Rehman

    We can hope alive but the PML govt will do work at his own discretion. So pray for good.

  12. Govt k Sataya howa Govt Servnt

    Sweet Govt Sweet Dreams:
    es Govt k hoty hoye aaj tak Govt Servants ki Qismat nhi jagi hy, na thi or na rahy gi
    PML-N is biggest enemy of Govt Employ’s.
    Mr.Ishaq is a Ghabar Singh for Govt Employ’s.
    In Sha ALLAH
    Allah Pak PML-N ko garq kry ga q k zalim kbi ALLAH ki pakr sy bach nhi sakta.
    Federal Employ’s ki nisbat Province k Employ’s bahut good salary package ly rahy hen or Govt Employ’s ki b=nisbat zalil bi kam hoty hen …………Like a Punjab Police. kaam aany ka nhi or Salary 100000

    1. Iqbal ahmad

      Sir aap log inko vote cast kyn krty ho? Please in say jaan churwao

  13. Revolution

    Dear Colleagues,

    The Government is totally against the govt. servant as well as never increase pay perks of govt. servants as per inflation rates. I will 2nd the comments given by our colleagues above…”AEK PAKISTANI”

    Today if you will comparison the salaries structure of different govt. deptt… u will note that every deptt. increase their additional allowances….like FBR, FIA, IB, HIGH COURTS, SUPREME COURTS, Senate Sectt,,,PM Sectt…..National Assembly Sectt…………….ETC………………….

    But unfortunately some deptt treated like step mother…………….

  14. Aek Pakistani

    Shoukat AZiz make fool by seizing commutation from 50 to 65%.
    Do not expect any favour from this PML (N) Govt. They are all traditional Hindu Banya Seths. They believe in ‘Earn more and pay less’ NEver they will give you more than they earn from you in the form of Taxes, Petrol Levies, Income Tax, Sales Tax, Excise duty, Tool Tax, CNIC charges, etc. Personally they make policies to earn more from their Sugar, Cement, Power Industry. Never Sugar price came down Rs 60 . Most Key persons (Judges / Journalists/ etc) are on their payroll.
    They never think about pensioners. They give from one hand and snatch from the other.
    So Wait until we get rid of these leaders representing AZAB E ELAHI

    1. Ghareeb Adami

      Policies of political parties are viewed as under:

      PPP: Khao aur khane do.
      PML (N): Tum kumao, ham khaen ge.
      PTI: Na khedan ge na khedan dian ge.
      JUI (F): Bachay mar


    Adhac increase sub se bara zolam hay mulazameen k sat. Is k khilaf court jana chahiye aur aainda adhac increase ka rasta rokna zaroori hay. Q k retire honay walay mulazameen k sat is se bara zolam aur koi ni. Jis ne adhac inrease ka mashwara diya ta Allah oos k azab ma izafa kray aur jo ye khatam karayga ous pay rehmat….Aamin

    1. Fayaz

      Adhoc increase key bajaye agar adhoc allowances ko zam kar dia jaye to tamam mulazemeen ko faida hoga. is se retirement ke waqt bara faida hoga. aur maujooda mehengai ke dawar mien kam az kam 50% pay barhani chahiye. Fayaz

  16. muhammad akram semab

    Following the previous mind set and tendency of govt. towards govt. servants, it looks that only 5 to 8 pc adhock allownace will be given to them and scale and action for revision of scales will be taken in next budget when govt will be to have benefit in forthcoming election………………………… just hope and dont hop……..


    PML N to isa krny sy rahi han albta khyali pulao pukany or khany main koi harg ni hy


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