Rescue 1122 will observe Firefighters Day today (May 4, 2011)

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RAWALPINDI: Professional trained rescuers of Rescue 1122 Rawalpindi will demonstrate rescue and modern firefighting techniques from high-rise building with the help of specialized vehicle, aerial turntable from 105 feet of height in connection to observe Firefighting Day today (May 4).
Punjab Emergency Service Rescue-1122 Director General Dr Rizwan Naseer has directed all district emergency officers to observe Firefighters today (May 4) in Punjab province including Rawalpindi division.
The objective of firefighters Day is to pay homage to firefighters and to educate people about fire safety and make them aware of the efforts being put in by the firefighters for public safety, the DG said.
He directed the rescue officials to arrange community safety programmes and disseminate information to the community about precautions in case fire erupts in their respective localities.
The rally in which Punjab Emergency Service Rescue 1122, Municipal Fire Service, Fire & Safety Association of Pakistan, Rescuers, Firefighters, Emergency Officers and District Emergency Officers will be on board as many as 15 fire engines and 10 ambulances will participate in the rally to sensitise community about rescuers and firefighters.

The DG said firefighters enter burning buildings when other run out of them, risking their lives for saving lives of others. It is our obligation to pay homage to firefighters and give respect to them at national level.

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