Rescue 1122 will launch ‘Mountain Rescue Training Course’

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RAWALPINDI (September 9, 2011) : Rescue 1122 will soon start a ‘Mountain Rescue Training Course’ for the rescuers to improve their efficiency particularly for mountainous areas.
The special training course will be conducted in different batches in Murree Academy in which the rescuers will be imparted special training to meet a challenging situation in any emergency in hilly area.
Emergency Service Rescue 1122 Director General Dr Rizwan Naseer chaired a meeting held here on Thursday to review the needs of emergency equipments for Ambulances and Rescue Vehicles particularly for mountainous areas like Muree, Gilgit and Sakrdu said the rescuers would be provided modern gadgets to meet difficult situations.
‘Disaster Response Training Course’ for the rescuers to prepare them to meet any emergency situation effectively was also discussed in detail during the meeting.
The meeting was attended among others by Deputy Director Fire & Rescue, Numan Noor, District Emergency Officer Rawalpindi, Dr. Abdul Rehman, In charge Emergency Officer, Muree, Farooq Khan, Emergency Officer Community Training, Deeba Shahnaz Akhter, Assistant Director Medical, Dr. Ali Imam, Station House In charge, Mountain Rescue Instructors and Rescue Technicians M Hanif.
The director general discussed with officers, instructors and operational staff about the needs of equipments for rescue vehicles and ambulances for mountainous area so that the most appropriate equipments and vehicles could be recommended for the service in Murree, Gilgit and Sakrdu to achieve better results.
The DG stressing the need of Disaster Response Training Course for the rescuers in Murree directed District Officer Rawalpindi for the steps to ensure the safety of the staff. He called for a program which could enhance the skills of the rescuers so that the staff could be prepared to effectively respond and threats during emergency situation to their own lives could be minimized. The training should cover the preparation for a disaster, rescue skills and survival techniques in emergency situation. He further directed Deputy Director Fire & Rescue to get nomination from all districts of Punjab and select the rescuers on merit for this course.

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