Raise Employees Salaries not Perks – Planning Commission of Pakistan (PCP)

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Planning Commission of Pakistan has termed Government Employees additional Facilities (Perks) a burden on national resources

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ISLAMABAD (May 28, 2011) : Planning Commission of Pakistan (PCP) has termed the perks being allowed to the government employees in addition to the salaries are a burden on the national kitty, Geo News reported Saturday.
The PCP said it would be more wise to raise the salaries of government servants instead of allowing additional facilities vis a vis transport, house, plot and club membership.

Employees Perks are burdon on National Fianace

According to a report of the Planning Commission that presented before National Economic Council (NEC), more administrative staff has to be hired for managing the matters relating to these additional facilities.
Government spends Rs4.7 billion to provide the additional perks to the government officers of Grade-20 and above. This amount is further increased to Rs6 billion when administrative expenditure is added to it.
The report said if salaries of these government employees are raised by disallowing the additional perks it will help the government reduce the huge spending of Rs6 billion to Rs3.1 billion.
It was proposed in the report that a transparent mechanism be adopted for selection government employees and appraisal of their performance.

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