Railway employees stage demonstrations: trains halts

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PAKISTAN Railways Locomotive Shed employees and workers staged a protest demonstration against delay in the provision of their salaries which blocked the departure of trains for over three hours at the Lahore Railway Station.

Railways workers protesting in Rawalpindi for Salaries - Pic Express 16-11-2010

The salary was due to be paid on the 15th however due to delayed transfers of funds into the Railways account; the salaries could not be given to the employees. Infuriated by this mismanagement, and fearing the worse before Eidul Azha, the employees started protesting at the Head quarters and later moved to the Railway Station here they lay down on the rails in front of the trains and halted the operations.
The PR authorities realizing the gravity of the situation sent their representatives to ensure payment so that sanity should be brought to the affairs. However despite their efforts the funds could not be made available for the salaries. The rail operations remained suspended from 1:00 pm till 4:40 pm after which the PR authorities negotiated with the Loco Shed employees and assured them that their salaries would be paid on the 16th November

Railways workers Protest at Karachi - jang News 16-11-2010

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