Punjab Young doctors continue strike for 13th day

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Punjab Young doctors continue strike for 13th day

Lahore (Monday, January 28, 2013) –  Punjab’s Young doctors, under the banner of Young Doctors’ Association (YDA) Punjab, continued their strike for the thirteenth consecutive day on Monday and stayed away from the outpatients departments (OPDs) of public hospitals.

Young Girls Doctors shouts
Young Girls Doctors shouts (File Photo)

The YDA Punjab continued the protest strike at all OPDs of hospitals across the province, including all government health facilities in Lahore, to exert pressure on the government to consider their demands regarding service structure, release of their colleagues and end to alleged victimisation.

Meanwhile, the poor patients continued to suffer, as they had to return homes without being examined properly by health professionals at the hospitals.

The young doctors, however, continued treating patients at their makeshift OPD camps set-up outside the hospitals. The senior doctors, on the other hand, were busy providing treatment to patients at OPD wards of their respective hospitals.

The attendants of patients demanded the government take strict action against all doctors involved in the crime of denying fair and timely treatment to the poor patients at the OPDs. The Punjab Health Department is yet to initiate any dialogue with young doctors to resolve the matter of the strike and restore normal functioning of hospitals in the interest of patients.

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