Punjab Yellow Cab Scheme Drivers training begins

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Punjab Yellow Cab Taxi Scheme – Training of drivers begins
LAHORE (September 13, 2011) : PML-N led Punjab government has approved an ambitious five-month phase-wise training programme for 20,000 drivers of the Yellow Cab Scheme.

Yellow Cab Scheme Drivers's Training program

It has asked the Punjab police to conduct the training by using all available resources.
After balloting in the regions of Multan, Dera Ghazi Khan and Rawalpindi, the training has been launched in districts of Multan, Dera Ghazi Khan and Rawalpindi in first phase with 400 trainees per batch from Monday last.
The training will be initiated in other districts/regions subject to the completion of balloting.
Sources privy to the development told this reporter that the Punjab police in association with the provincial transport department had been directed to train the un-em ployed youth.
The government says that the expenditure like car rent, required cars, fuel, other misc expenditures (chairs, tents, black/white boards, driving manual books, markers and dusters etc) and instructor allowance will be met through the fee charged from the trainees.
A memorandum issued by the office of the Punjab Telecommunication and Transport department DIG to all field police officers states that district police officers will personally be responsible for the training programme and will nominate a responsible officer either an SP or DSP as in-charge of the programme. The venue of training will be respective district police lines.
According to the schedule of 15-day training, each team in a district will train about 400 trainees in two shifts and five teams will train 2,000 trainees in 15 days in five districts of five different zones.
The whole training programme of 20,000 trainees will be completed within five months. The classes will comprise theory (traffic rules ethics and maintenance of vehicles) and practical (driving up to 5 kilometers).
Each trainee will be charged Rs1,200 (400 trainees per class will be contributing Rs480,000) for the training which will include hiring of vehicles, fuel, instructor allowance, and miscellaneous expenditures etc.
Sources said the cost of training would be much higher than the fee being collected from the trainees.
However, a senior Punjab police officer said the fee had been revised from Rs1,200 to Rs1,500 to bear the expenses.

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3 thoughts on “Punjab Yellow Cab Scheme Drivers training begins

  1. amir

    I am yellowcab lucky winner but due to driving licence rejection DCo RAJANPUR sb not forwarded my application to BOP, now I have got new driving licence and I have also pass 15 days driving training course in police line and there is no other objection in my documents found so please deliver me yellowcab also.

  2. umer

    if it is likely so then why driving license was compulsory? i don’t think so that there is any need for this training. and how a person plan for 15 days without earning. because what ever the time will be a unemployed person had to broke his day. and regularly for 15 days. and also the fee of 1500. i think the only reason behind this is that govt of PUNJAB need some time in this scheme. and if someone fails in training then what will happened ? so i think this idea will also effect.


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