Punjab population welfare contract employees protest in Punjab Civil Secretariat Lahore

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Punjab population welfare contract employees storm Punjab Civil Secretariat Lahore

Lahore (May 16, 2012) – Hundreds of employees of Population Welfare Department (PWF) staged a protest demonstration for their regularisation outside the Punjab Civil Secretariat here on Wednesday and police personnel baton charged them and a number of protesters, including women, sustained critical injuries.

Population Welfare Dept Workers challenges policeman in civil secretariat Lahore

Population Welfare Department employees from across Punjab, men and women, staged a protest demonstration outside Punjab Civil Secretariat for more than three hours and traffic remained stuck for hours on Lower Mall and its adjacent roads.

Pupulation Welfare Employees protest in Lahore on May 16, 2012

During their long-hours protest not even a single representative of Punjab government came there to listen to their grievances and demands after which the protesters stormed into Civil Secretariat and damaged the vehicles parked inside the secretariat.
Women protesters breaking barricades entered the secretariat first and after that they motivated men-protesters to enter into the boundary. Police, however, warned them of baton charge but the protesters despite that warning entered the secretariat premises and in a blink of eye the whole protest turned into war-like situation when protesters and police were fighting and beating each other. Police personnel baton charged the protesters and a number of protestors, including women, sustained critical injuries.
Police arrested 20 men and 13 women and took them to Islampura police station. Police also arrested many other innocent people who were passing through the roads and were not the employees and also were not involved in any protest.
Protesters demanded of the government not to merge Population Welfare Department into Health Department and also requested to make permanent 35,000 employees working for many years on contract.
Ahmed Khan, PWF union president, said that the government recognised Population Welfare Department as a department in 1965. He said that during Musharraf era the services of this department were given to the provinces but the Punjab government was ignoring them.

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