Punjab Labour Department Notices to TV Channels for Labour Laws Implementations

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Punjab Labour Department – TV channels asked to implement labour laws

Lahore (Saturday, September 8, 2012) – Punjab Labour Department has initiated the process to implement labour laws in TV channels.In this regard, Punjab Labour Department Deputy Director Nadeem Akhtar issued notices to the administration of the TV channels directing them to furnish details of their employees to the department and the salaries being paid to them. It was also asked in the notice that the media houses must get themselves registered under the Company Act 1959.
The sources said the labour laws were in vogue in the print media while these had not been implemented in the electronic media.The Labour Department came to know about the situation when it checked the record of a TV channel when its office in Garhi Shahu caught fire and six of its employees were killed in the incident. It was also transpired that no record of its officials had ever been maintained. After the revelation, the Labour Department started issuing notices to the TV channels.

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