Punjab education dept links promotion of teachers to performance

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Punjab Education Dept links promotion of teachers to performance

Education Minister says promotion of school and college teachers is to be done on basis of their performance

Lahore (Online/July 14th, 2013) – Punjab Minister for Education Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan has announced to link the promotion of school teachers, lecturers and other educationists to their academic performance.

Punjab Map in Details
Punjab Map in Details

Presiding over a briefing session about policy matters of educational system in the province here today, he expressed his concern over the fact that 70 per cent educationists are granted promotions on seniority basis while 30 per cent quota is fixed for direct recruitment on higher posts which is unacceptable to the rest of 70 percent teachers.

This policy needs rectification by adopting a formula based on academic performance and professional grooming.

He directed Secretaries of both Higher Education and Schools Education to formulate a transfer policy in a fortnight, which would essentially be academic performance centric in its characteristic, he added.

Secretary Higher Education Punjab Farhan Aziz Khawaja apprised the meeting of the benefits of Five Tier formula of promotion, which has been implemented during the last year and yielded the promotion of 305 college teachers.

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3 thoughts on “Punjab education dept links promotion of teachers to performance

  1. robina shaheen

    First complete the previos four tier formula of 1-9-90 for college teachers where remaining 161 male &105 feme college teachers are waiting for ante dated promotion w- e- f 1-9-90

  2. latif ahmad

    kuon taleem k dushman bn gaey ho khuda ka khouf kro teachers to pehlay hi mazloom hain


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