Privatization of OGDCL is a conspiracy – Jahangaiz Khan

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Privatization of OGDCL is a conspiracy – Jahangaiz Khan

OGDCL Officers Association Meeting in Islamabad
Islamabad (Friday, November 01, 013) – President Oil & Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) Officers Association Jahangaiz Khan, Thursday, said that OGDCL had deposited approximately Rs 5 billions to the national exchequer in the form of taxes in last five years.

OGDCL Officers Association Meeting in Islamabad 30 oct 2013
OGDCL Officers Association Meeting in Islamabad 30 oct 2013 (President Jahanghaiz Khan And Secretary General Horoon Rasheed Addressing)

While addressing the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of OGDCL Officer Association he said that in the last financial year OGDCL paid Rs.129 billion rupees in the form of taxes and earned Rs.90 billion profits hence privatization of this national asset on emergent basis was an international conspiracy.

He said that after the sale of 26% share of OGDCL the Government of Pakistan is going for the privatization of the company and intends to shift administrative affairs of OGDCL in private sector which was a part of international conspiracy.

He said that cause of this plan was to get control on oil and gas reservoir and push the Muslims of the world toward backwardness and degradation. While addressing by the officers Jahangaiz Khan told that present democratic government has prepared a plan of mega institution’s privatization, under this plan nearly 32 govt institutions would be handed over to new liberal capitalism.

He enlighten claim of Govt about privatization of institute going in deficit and said that OGDCL is most profitable company in the Pakistan and its privatization decision is taking only on international behest. OGDCL is playing its pivotal role to combat energy crisis in Pakistan, while its privatization announcement by our Government is a sign and depict that our leaders have covet to sold toil hard of the nation in gratis he added.

Jahangaiz Khan further said that before this commencement govt of Pakistan has privatized and honored Attock Cement and Attock Refinery Ltd. To foreign investors, now the govt. has decided to accolade profitable OGDCL to foreign investors.

OGDCL Officers Association pledged that they would not allow such conspiracies against OGDCL at any rate. OGDCL Officer said that they would not deviate to defend OGDCL in national interest at any forum. They urged that govt should not take such steps which cause national degradation. They also assert that government should resolve public concern and prove a patriot and democratic government.

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