Private Schools Associations in Pakistan

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Private Schools Associations/Federations in Pakistan


Lahore (Saturday, November 9, 2013) – There are three organizations/association working in Pakistan on half of private schools. They represent the private school managements in all over the country.

All Pakistan Private Schools Federation
Chairman – Mirza Kashif

All Pakistan Private Schools management Association
Central President – Adeeb Jawdani

All Pakistan Private Schools Welfare Association
President – Syed Zulqarnain Shah


All Pakistan private schools Welfare Association was formed under the dynamic leadership of well renowned educationist and multifaceted personality Syed Zulqarnain Shah having a team of experienced office bearers all over the Pakistan. The aim and objective of the association is to unite private schools from all over Pakistan inclusive of FATA & Azad Kashmir who have the potential and ability to serve for the nation in the field of education


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