Peshawar: PESCO Officials Upgraded

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PESHAWAR, Dec 28: Pesco has upgraded 7 budget and accounts officers/audit officers from BPS-17 to BPS-18.
A Pesco statement issued here on Tuesday said the officers include assistant manager Noor ul Basar (accounts), office of finance director Pesco headquarters Peshawar. Assistant manager Rafi ud Din (accounts), office of finance director Pesco HQ, Peshawar.
Assistant manager Fazal-i-Manan (accounts), office of finance director Pesco HQ Peshawar. Assistant manager Mohammad Shabir (accounts), office of finance director Pesco HQ Peshawar. Assistant manger Raz Kahn (accounts), office of PD (GSC) Pesco Peshawar.
Assistant manager Mohammad Shafiq (audit), office of manager (IA) Pesco HQ Peshawar. Assistant manger Mohammad Yaqoob (audit), office of manager (IA) Pesco HQ Peshawar. — Bureau Report

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2 thoughts on “Peshawar: PESCO Officials Upgraded

  1. Paul Lock

    I take it that no one goes around checking the meters to make sure they are working, and to have a record of how much electricity was used for billing purposes.

  2. asif butt

    Respected Chairman Of Wapda Lahore and Head of Pesco and Head of Warsak Dam
    I belong to Press and would like to inform you about thieves of

    (Bijli Chor)in their houses and they are Employers of Warsak Dam

    They are doing this for more then 5 years Till now they had given loss

    to Wapda and Pesco in Millions.
    These Warsak Dam employers opposite the Meters(Meter ko Ulta kar dete

    hain) of Electricity at whole night time mostly and at day time from

    1.00pm to 6.00pm .
    They are from Wapda colony Warsak Dam.
    They cook food on heaters in whole 12 months and remain open A.C for 24

    hours if they home or not.
    They should be heavily punished and struck off from their

    services.Because No one is above from Law.
    With blessings
    Asif Butt
    Defence Colony


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