Peoples Unity Wins PIA CBA Union Referendum 2012

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PIA Referendum/Election Result 2012 : Peoples Unity Wins  CBA Union Slot

Islamabad (March 10, 2012) – PIA Collective Bargaining Agent (CBA) Union Referendum held on March 9, 2012 all over Pakistan. Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) supported Peoples Unity won this CBA Election with large margin.

PIA CBA Referendum 2012 Result

Peoples Unity received 4039 votes, while Air league of PIA Employoyees supported by Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) stood second securing 2870 votes and United Workers gain 1828 votes.

Detail of Votes Received by each Union on different polling stations are given bellow:

Peoples Unity Air League United Workers
Lahore 497 329 99
Rawalpindi/Islamabad 619 566
Quetta 17 54 27
Multan  157 82 11
Faisalabad 62 32 10
Dera Ghazi Khan 22 8  0
Total 4039 2870 1828

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4 thoughts on “Peoples Unity Wins PIA CBA Union Referendum 2012

  1. Salma Ayaz


    We want to bring to the attention of all PIA employees and families and other semi-government institutions like PIA where during the previous martial laws ex-army, CAA officers children were given jobs and today they are used to undermine civilian employees for promotion and management in much the same way as they entered PIA and other semi-government companies. Example, Captain Arshad Khan and Zarak Khan and other Khans of Hazara hired by PIA during Ex Gen. Zia’s martial law (President Ghulam Khan opposed to PPP) when pilots were in excess leading to overemployment. Then during Ex Gen. Musharraf (Red Warrant Arrest issued) again Captain Arshad Khan, Zarak khan and other Khans of Hazara were promoted out of turn and more hired (overemployment). Also, during the turbulent, security state and sensitive times for the airline the pilots from Hazara and conflict areas were deliberately given flights to countries who have shown concern and reservation for people from conflict areas for the time being. Civilian employees, customers and vendors have noticed the behavior problems of these employees and the clan or group that gets them hired and promoted by force, threats, harassment and illegal means. Such ex-army, ex-martial law, CAA employees are used to dictatorship, army intelligence communication channels and therefore cannot adapt to civilian style of communication and management or even interaction with employees, customers and vendors. They point fingers at civilians character when they try too hard to have affairs with airhostesses and have a sister salma an-ex airhostess divorced because of character issues sitting at home. They raise concerns about the qualifications of all other PIA employees (civilians, contractors and customers) when in this clan (group) and families you will not find anyone beyond metric or intermediate education hardly acceptable for management or sensitive positions.

    All civilian employees, unions and management of PIA and other such semi-government organizations should stand united against force, threat, harassment or bullying by any ex-army, intelligence, CAA or other small clans or groups simply trying to get ahead the wrong and illegal way. Such employees should be reprimanded, demoted or put on probation until such time that they show an acceptable behavior towards civilians.

    PIA Union Management
    People’s Unity, PALPA, Air League, SAEP

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  3. Liaqat Ali

    I advised to MQM please review your policy for labour, and quickly reorganize of labour division other wise same result repeat to other department in future

    Thanking you


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