PASLU condemns delay in payment of workers salaries

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PASLU condemns delay in payment of workers salaries

Karachi (Press Release / Monday, March 24, 2014) – Mr. Zafar Khan, General Secretary Pakistan Steel Labour Union (PASLU) strongly condemned the delay in payment of salaries to the Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) employees.

Some four months including Dec 2013, Jan, Feb and now March 2014 is also going to complete and salary has not disbursed by the management.

He said the PSM management is under pressure of the corrupt CBA, still at this worst stage all doors of corruption are opened and both the management and CBA taking part in the destruction of the national asset.

He said that management is failed to fight the PSM case to the government and it resulted in delay of salaries.Thousands of PSM workers are facing hardship to meet their daily routine expenses.

Zafar Khan said the current condition is going towards the demand of December 30 sit-in protest. He said “We believed that the negligence of present management has reduced the production up to three percent”.

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