Pakistan Machine Tool Factory (PMTF) employees not paid salaries for 3 months

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Pakistan Machine Tool Factory (PMTF) employees not paid salaries for 3 months
Karachi (Sunday, October 9, 2011) As many as 800 regular employees of Pakistan Machine Tool Factory (PMTF) have not been paid their monthly salaries for the last three months, which is causing serious resentment among the workers.
The general secretary of the Collective Bargaining Agent (CBA), Meraj Ahmed, said that the CBA had left no stone unturned in resolving the issues being faced by the employees while moving the charter of demands to the PMTF management, but despite the passage of 15 months, the management had failed to take into account the demands.
He pointed out that 700 employees were working on daily wages for the last 25 years. They were simply paid Rs7,000 monthly. The permanent employees had also not been promoted for the last several years and that was a grave violation of labour laws. The modus-operandi of the management was to hire the services of workers on minimum wages and the continuity of these services was cut by laying off the employees after 75 days and then issue another contract letter. However the factual position was that these 700 employees were fulfilling their duties since last 25 years on minimum wages.
On the other hand, the permanent employees were also getting very meagre salaries in spite of the fact that they had spent years as employees in different grades. Most of the senior employees were getting Rs10,000 to Rs15,000 as monthly salary. Besides, no benefits such as health facilities, bonus and earned leave, provident fund loans were allowed for the employees. Moreover, the retired employees were not paid their dues such as gratuity and even due provident funds were delayed in payment.
Meraj Ahmed pointed out that Managing Director, Wasiuddin Ahmed, had a sympathetic frame of mind towards workers, but due to some ‘financial crunch’ his efforts did not culminate in the demands being considered. In spite of several efforts made by this scribe, the PMTF managing director concerned could not be contacted.
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