PAF College Sargodha Test Result 2018 held on 8 Oct 2017 – Pass Students List Roll Nos

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PAF College Sargodha Test Result 2018 held on 8 Oct 2017 – Pass Students List Roll Nos


GILGIT CENTER Pass Students Roll No.

DG003, DG004, DG005, DG009, DG010, DG011, DG013, DG014, DG030, DG031


DM006, DM008, DM011, DM012, DM013, DM014, DMO20, DMO21, DMO22

SKARDU CENTER Pass Students Roll No.

DU001, D0002, DU003, DU004, DU007, DU009, DU011, DU013, DU014, DU015, DUO20, DUO37, DUO38, DUO39, DU040, DU041 DU045, DU047, DU051 DU056, DU060

GWADAR CENTER  Pass Students Roll No.

DW003, DW004, DWOO5

HYDERABAD CENTER Pass Students Roll No.

H0001, H0002, H0003, H0010, H0011, H0028, H0055, H0060, H0065, H0067, H0068

KARACHI CENTER Pass Students Roll No.

K0001, K0002, K0005, K0007, K0011, K0013, K0015, K0018, K0019, K0020, K0023, K0028, K0029, K0033, K0041, K0042, K0050, K0055, K0058, K0061, K0068, K0074, K0081, K0084, K0096, K0098, K0099, K0100, K0101, K0102, K0103, K0104, K0113, K0120, K0127, K0134, K0135, K0142, K0143, K0144, K0147, K0157, K0159, K0160, K0163, K0172, K0180, K0183, K0185, K0187, K0189, K0192, K0193, K0211, K0218, K0221, K0228, K0231, K0234, K0236, K0254

LAHORE CENTER Pass Students Roll No.

L0013, L0014, L0019, L0040, L0046, L0048, L0075, L0076, L0079, L0099, L0101, L0115, L0134, L0158, L0161, L0169, L0175, L0176, L0179, L0181, L0186, L0206, L0209, L0215, L0217, L0232, L0235, L0238, L0245, L0254, L0260, L0262, L0271, L0292, L0298, L0299, L0307, L0309, L0312, L0325, L0333, L0350, L0353, L0355, L0356, L0357, L0362, L0363, L0365, L0380, L0389, L0404, L0407, L0416, L0425, L0429, L0438, L0441, L0444, L0460, L0482, L0485, L0518, L0524, L0530, L0533, L0534, L0535, L0536, L0543, L0546, L0558, L0560, L0562, L0577, L0597, L0620, L0636, L0643, L0644, L0648, L0649, L0650, L0651, L0659, L0664, L0701, L0713, L0714, L0718, L0723, L0725, L0731, L0747, L0777, L0794, L0841, L0849, L0850, L0851, L0860, L0889, L0906, L0923, L0931, L0933, L0942, L0946, L0956, L0957, L0960, L0965, L0977, L0983, L0991, L0997, L1016, L1017, L1029, L1033, L1044, L1061, L1107, L1113, L1152, L1156, L1163, L1164, L1191, L1209, L1221, L1234, L1239, L1240, L1258, L1267, L1278, L1279, L1284, L1297, L1304, L1308, L1312, L1316, L1318, L1345, L1349, L1351, L1392, L1393, L1396, L1398, L1400, L1402, L1403, L1404, L1405, L1407, L1408, L1409, L1410, L1411, L1421 L1428, L1442, L1452, L1463, L1490, L1494, L1497, L1501, L1514, L1564, L1573, L1575, L1583, L1605, L1606, L1609, L1620, L1632, L1639, L1643, L1644, L1647, L1650, L1684, L1688, L1712, L1742, L1755, L1777, L1791, L1821, L1841, L1933, L1968, L1993, L2059, L2084, L2106, L2152, L2179, L2182, L2184, L2190, L2205, L2212, L2217, L2219

MULTAN CENTER Pass Students Roll No.

M0006, M0023, M0024, M0057, M0058, M0061, M0063, M0064, M0065, M0069, M0071, M0072, M0073, M0084, M0089, M0091, M0095, M0096, M0099, M0102, M0115, M0121, M0122, M0139, M0140, M0170, M0173, M0176, M0193, MO240, MO246 MO266, MO292, MO298, M0300, M0305, M0306, M0310, M0312, M0314, M0324, M0325, M0326, M0328, M0329, M0331, M0332, M0338, M0339, M0340, M0341, M0344, M0345, M0346, M0348, M0352, M0357, M0359, M0361, M0363, M0364, M0383, M0400, M0401, M0402, M0403, M0405, M0406, M0408, M0431, M0432, M0433, M0450, M0455, M0457, M0460, M0470, M0472, M0476, M0499, M0519, M0522, M0524, M0546, M0547, M0548, M0550, M0552, M0553, M0556, M0563, M0564, M0571, M0572, M0579, M0589, M0603, M0604, M0620, M0624, M0631, M0634, M0656, M0665, M0670, M0681, M0685, M0688, M0694, M0701, M0702, M0712, M0714, M0720, M0730, M0731, M0734, M0736, M0739, M0741, M0743, M0747, M0750, M0753, M0754, M0756, M0757, M0764, M0766, M0767, M0787, M0801, M0825, M0834, M0848, M0868, M0875, M0880, M0883, M0884, M0894, M0896, M0902, M0910, M0921, M0927, M0943, M0947, M0952, M0956, M0961, M0977, M1009, M1031, M1040, M1060, M1071, M1108, M1121, M1122, M1163, M1168, M1171, M1188, M1193, M1200, M1203, M1235 M1236, M1238, M1240, M1244, M1245, M1251, M1253, M1254, M1259, M1261, M1300, M1313, M1338, M1339, M1346, M1352, M1355, M1372

SUKKUR CENTER Pass Students Roll No.

N0003, N0004, N0005, N0006, N0017, N0020, N0024, N0025, N0027, N0036, N0039, N0045, N0051, N0052, N0065, N0079, N0083, N0087, N0088

PESHAWAR CENTER Pass Students Roll No.

P0005, P0015, P0027, P0034, P0042, P0043, P0049, P0053, P0063, P0069, P0073, P0074, P0075, P0086, P0094, P0109, P0110, P0116, P0119, P0125, P0138, P0139, P0140, P0141, P0143, P0149, P0161, P0164, P0170, P0173, P0184, P0191, P0193, P0205, P0227, P0231, P0234, P0255, P0259, P0271, P0273, P0280, P0302, P0321, P0325, P0327, P0345, P0352, P0353, P0359, P0376, P0378, P0381, P0382, P0384, PO400, PO410, PO421, PO433, PO442, PO456, PO464, PO466, PO468, PO474, PO475, P0529, P0535, P0554, P0556, P0560, P0564, P0566, P0568, P0576, P0577, P0591, P0603, P0628, P0629, P0643, P0649, P0658, P0665, P0667, P0669, P0681, P0690, P0694, P0705, P0709, P0724, P0731, P0733, P0736, P0743, P0766, P0768, P0773, P0774, P0789, P0793, P0794, P0826, P0828, P0849, P0869, P0871, P0902, P0912, P0913, P0921, P0929 P0968, P0998, P1003, P1006, P1024, P1041, P1055, P1060, P1115, P1133, P1137, P1147, P1149, P1171, P1178, P1194, P1231, P1238

QUETTA CENTER Pass Students Roll No.

00002, Q0004, Q0005, Q0009, Q0010, 00011, Q0012, 00013, Q0017, Q0018, Q0023, Q0026, Q0027, Q0028, Q0030, Q0032, Q0033, Q0040, Q0043, Q0045, 00051, Q0059, 00062, Q0063, Q0064, Q0066, Q0075, 00078, 00079, Q0082, Q0083, Q0084, Q0085, 00086, 00093, Q0094, Q0095, Q0096, Q0097, Q0100, Q0103, Q0104, Q0106, Q0108, 00110, 00115, 00116, 00121, 00144, 00155, 00156, Q0159, Q0161, Q0163, Q0165, Q0166, Q0173, Q0179, Q0182

RAWALPINDI CENTER Pass Students Roll No.

R0006, R0010, R0011, R0012, R0013, R0014, R0028, R0032, R0047, R0064, R0065, R0067, R0078, R0083, R0090, R0091, R0099, R0102, R0106, R0112, R0119, R0128, R0129, R0139, R0155, R0168, R0185, R0186, R0198, R0213, R0222, R0233, R0235, R0240, R0243, R0247, R0257, R0265, R0266, R0288, R0290, R0294, R0296, R0302, R0305, R0318, R0325, R0328, R0329, R0340, R0344, R0350, R0370, R0381, R0394, R0406, R0407, R0409, R0417, R0418, R0463, R0467, R0474, R0489, R0490, R0496, R0497, R0498, R0518, R0527, R0531, R0579, R0582, R0584, R0597, R0607, R0609, R0615, R0617, R0619, R0624, R0632, R0637, R0641, R0645, R0648, R0655, R0663, R0666, R0667, R0668, R0669, R0671, R0673, R0679, R0681, R0685, R0688, R0690, R0693, R0695, R0700, R0712, R0720, R0722, R0735, R0739, R0740, R0746, R0748, R0762, R0763, R0764, R0765, R0775, R0782, R0787, R0790, R0795, R0807, R0823, R0827, R0828, R0829, R0835, R0840, R0853, R0858, R0861, R0874, R0903, R0907, R0908, R0918, R0928, R0941, R0944, R0983, R1008, R1045, R1096, R1123, R1194, R1197, R1201, R1208, R1243, R1289, R1299, R1303, R1304, R1324, R1350, R1362, R1370, R1417, R1426, R1429, R1450, R1461, R1473, R1560, R1578, R1583, R1584, R1597, R1600, R1644, R1659, R1688, R1692, R1717, R1742, R1746, R1761, R1762, R1769, R1774

SARGODHA CENTER Pass Students Roll No.

S0004, S0032, S0037, S0047, S0051, S0076, S0093, S0099, S0106, S0108, S0112, S0124, S0136, S0144, S0158, S0165, S0167, S0216, S0218, S0221, 50225, S0226, S0236, S0248, S0250, S0251, 50255, S0260, S0264, S0268, S0270, S0293, 50314, 50326, S0391, S0399, SO403, SO409, SO415, SO422, SO445, SO452, SO453, SO458, SO461, SO469, SO470, SO473, SO474, SO475, SO476, SO477, SO488, SO493, S0508, S0515, S0535, S0537, S0573, S0593, S0606, S0615, S0623, S0650, S0662, S0673, S0703, S0735, S0736, S0760, S0779, S0791, 50824, S0827, S0875, $0882, S0904, S0917, S0940, 50997, S1032, S1033, S1037, S1051, S1071, 51078, S1149, $1173, 51175, S1235, S1258, S1300, S1318, S1375, $1382, S1388, S1392, $1430, 51458, S1501, S1510, $1517, S1519, S1529, $1556, S1579, S0170, S0179, 50195, S0211, S0339, S0359, S0363, S0388, S0793, S0797, 50799, S0802, S1193, 51197, $1203, S1221, S1589, S1660, S1752

PRINCIPAL PAF COLLEGE SARGODHA TELEPHOE NOs: 048-3729702/3 Ext: 3331, 048.3769755

PAF College Sargodha Test Result 2018 held on 8 Oct 2017 - Pass Students List Roll Nos
PAF College Sargodha Test Result 2018 held on 8 Oct 2017 – Pass Students List Roll Nos

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