NPIW Employees Protest in Karachi & Police baton charge

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NPIW employees Protest in Karachi & Police baton charge
KARACHI (February 27, 2012) : Employees of National Programme for Improvement of Watercourses (NPIW) were baton-charged by police when they tried to enter the red zone to stage a protest demonstration in front of the Chief Minister’s House here on Monday.

Police Batton Charge on NPIW protesting Employees

Sources said the workers of NPIW, who were protesting at the Karachi Press Club (KPC), to suppress the government for regularisation of their services, tried to enter the red zone in an attempt to stage a protest and meet the Sindh Chief Minister. But the police resorted to baton charge and used teargas to foil their progress, in which one person was also injured.

Meanwhile, the police claimed that the employees of NPIW, wanted to approach the CM forcefully which compelled the law enforcers to take strict action to foil their movement. They said the protesters returned to KPC after facing a stiff resistance from the law enforcers.

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One thought on “NPIW Employees Protest in Karachi & Police baton charge

  1. Mohd Hashim

    shame on ppp federal as well as provincial Government attitude towards sindhi engineers of NPIW who are still protesting to get right of regularization. we condemn the attitude of non sense ppp provincial government. if this is democracy to charge baton, fire tear gas , water cane over employees and arrest them than i prefer dictatorship. but in real sense this is also a civilian dictatorship or one man show named asif ali zardari…..


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