Notification of Revised Pay Scale 2011, Allowances and Pension






No.F.l (5) Imp/2011-419                                                        Islamabad, the 4lh July, 2011.



The President has been pleased to sanction the revision of Basic Pay Scales, Allowances and Pension with effect from 1st July, 2011 for the Civil Servants of the Federal Government, paid out of Civil Estimates and out of Defence Estimates as detailed in the succeeding paragraphs:-


2.                         Revision of Basic Pay Scales:

The Basic Pay ScaIes-2011 shall replace the Basic Pay Scales-2008 with effect from 01.07.2011 as contained in the Annexure to this Office Memorandum.

3.                         Fixation of Pav of the Existing Employees (w. e. f. 01.07.2011):

i.          The basic pay of an employee who was in service on 30.06.2011 shall be

fixed in the Basic Pay Scale-2011 on point to point basis i.e. at the stage corresponding to that occupied by him/her above the minimum of Basic Pay Scales-2008.

ii.         In case of Personal Pay being drawn by an employee as part of his/her basic

pay beyond the maximum of his/her pay scale on 30.06.2011, he/she shall continue to draw such pay in the Basic Pay Scales-2011 at the revised rates.

4.                         Annual Increment;

Annual increment shall continue to be admissible, subject to the existing conditions, on 1st of December each year.


5.                          Acl hoc Relief Allowances granted unto 01.07.2009:

The following Ad hoc Relief Allowances granted upto 01.07.2009 shall stand discontinued with effect from 01.07.2011 having been merged in the Basic Pay Scales-2008 so as to introduce Basic Pay Scales-2011:-


|Sr. No. Namt’ of Ad hoc Allowance Office Memorandum 

ami Dale.

Sdmissiblc Kates
1 Special Additional Allowance – 1999(01.07.1999) F.l(7)lmp’W       dated 

(17. low

25% (UPS 1-16) and 20% (Mi’s 17-22 on UPS-1994)
ii. Special Relief Allowance 2003(01.07.20″ 1 i(4)lmp 2003 dated 30.06.20′ 15″. ol the hasiv pav on BPS-2001
in. Ad     hoc Reiki          2004 (01.07.2004) I  !(S)lrnp/2004  doted 


15% of the basic pay on BPS-2
IV, Dcarncss  Allowance –  200ft (01.07.2006) F.l(4»lmp/2006 dated 24.06.2006 15% of the basic pav on BPS-2005
V. Ad   hoc   Relief Allowance -2009(01.07.2009) F.l(7)lmpV2009-i 

dated 21.07.200″

20%(BPS 1-16) and 15% BPS 17-22 on BPS-2008


Ad hoc Allowanceancc-20H) (if admissible):The Ad hoc Allowance – 2010 5   SOW ol the running basic p;i^ “‘ Ba»C Pay dos-2008 admissible to the Civil Servants including FBR employees (il admissible  in  that  org alion)  shall  stand   frozen  at  the  level   of its admissibility as on 30.06.2011. 

All the new entrants shall be allowed Ad hoc Allowance – 2010 ,1 50′ a ol the minimum of relevant Basic Pay Seales-2008 (If admissible in that Organization) on notional basis with effect from 01.07.2011. till further orders, and shall stand frozen at the same level.




Ad hoc Relief Allowance 2011:


1            An Ad hoc  Relief Allowance – 2011  (15% of the running basic pa}  ol

Bask Pa) Seales-2008 to all the Civil Servants of the federal Government as well as civilians paid out of Defence Estimates including contingent pud staff and contract employees employed against civil posts in Bask Pay Scales on standard terms and conditions of contract appointment shall l>e allowed with effect from 01.07.201 I and shall stand frozen at the same level.

ii.            All the new entrants shall be allowed Ad hoc Relief Allowance – 2011

15% ^( the minimum of relevant Basic Pa) Seales-2008 on notional basis with effect from 01.07.2011, till further orders, and shall stand frozen at the l line level

iii.       ilu \J hoc Relief Allowance will be subject 10 Income 1

IV.          The Ad hoc Relief Allowance  will  he admissible during leave and entire

period ol 1 .PR.
v             The Ad hoc Relief Allowance will not be treated as part ol ’emoluments tor

the purpose ol calculation of Pension’GraUiity and recover) of House Rent.
VI              I he Ad hoc Relief Allowance w ill not be admissible to the employees during

the tenure of their posting deputation abroad, vii.       The Ad hoc Relief Allowance will be admissible to the employees on their

repatriation  from posting/deputation abroad at the rate and amount which

would have been admissible to them had they not been posted abroad vlil.      The Ad hoc  Relief Allowance will  be  admissible  during the  period  ol

in.           I he term “Basic l’;i\” will also include the amount of Personal Pay (ranted

on account of annual increment)s) beyond the maximum of the existing pay



Medical Allowance;





Medical Allowance admissible to Civil Servants in BPS-16 to BPS-22 @ 15% of the existing basic pay in Basic Pay Scales-2008 shall continue to be admissible at the frozen level of its admissibility as on 30.06.2011. All the new entrants in BPS-16 to BPS-22 shall be allowed Medical Allowance @ 15% of the minimum of relevant Basic Pay Scales-2008 on. notional basis with effect from 01.07.2011, till further orders, and shall stand frozen at the same level.



Special Pays and Allowances:

All the Special Pays, Special Allowances or the Allowances admissible as

percentage of pay (excluding those which are capped by fixing maximum limit) including House Rent Allowance and the Allowance/Special Allowance equal to one month Basic Pay granted to any Federal Government/FBR/Police employees irrespective of his/her posting in Ministry/Division/Department/FBR including civil employees in BPS 1-22 of Judiciary shall stand frozen at the level of its admissibility as on 30.06.2011.


Conveyance Allowance:

Conveyance Allowance shall be admissible to all the civil servants in BPS-1 to 15 on revised rates as under:





BPS 1-4 Rs. 680.00 p.m. Rs. 850.00 p.m.
BPS 5-10 Rs. 920.00 p.m. Rs. 1150.00 p.m.
BPS 11-15 Rs. 1360.00 p.m. Rs. 1700.00 p.m.

All the Civil Servants of the Federal Government (excluding those who are allowed monetized value of Transport or availing Transport Facility) shall be allowed Conveyance Allowance at the prescribed rates irrespective of their place/station of duty.

Miscellaneous Allowances:

Rates of the following Allowances have been revised as noted against each:-



S. No. Name of Allowance Existing Rates Revised Rates
i. Integrated     Allowance     for N/Qasid, Qasid and Daftaries Rs.l50.00 p.m. Rs.300.00 p.m.
* ■ 


Washing Allowance Rs.30.00 p.m. Rs.lOO.OOp.m.
iii. Dress Allowance Rs.35.00 p.m. Rs.IOO.OOp.m.
IV. Special Pay for Confidential Assistant Rs.65.00p.m. Rs.l50.00 p.m.
v. Uniform      Allowance      for Nurses Rs.300.00 p.m. Rs.600.00 p.m.
vi. Special  Area   Compensatory 


Rs.150.00p.rn. Rs.300.00 p.m.
vii. Hill Allowance @   25%   of   pay   upto   a maximum of Rs. 100.00 p.m. At a fixed rate of Rs.200.00 p.m.
vui. Firewood Allowance Rs. 4.50 per head per day. Rs.l0.00 per head per day.


12.                       Revision of Pension:

All the existing Civil Pensioners of the Federal Government including Civilians paid out of Defence Estimates have been allowed an increase in their pension at the following rates with effect from 1st July, 2011, until further orders:-

i.       Pensioners who retired on or after 01.07.2002 @ 15% of the net pension, ii.      Pensioners who retired on or before 30.06.2002 @ 20% of net pension.

13.                       On introduction of the Basic Pay Scales-2011, the increases in pension
allowed vide para-3 of the Finance Division Office Memorandum No. F.4 (1) Rcg-6/ 2010/
721 dated 05.07.2010 shall be discontinued to the new pensioners who would retire on or
after 01.07.2011 who opts to draw pension under the Scheme of Basic Pay ScaIes-2011.


14.         However, 15% increases in pension allowed vide para-2 of the Finance Division
Office Memorandum No.F.4 (!) Reg-6/ 2010/721 dated 05.07.2010 shall continue to be
admissible to the new pensioners who would retire on or after 01.07.2011 who opts to draw
pension under the Scheme of Basic Pay ScaIes-2011.

  1. The 15% increase in pension as mentioned at Paras-12 (i) above shall also be admissible to the pensioners who would retire on or after 01.07.2011.
  2. For the purpose of admissibility of increase in pension for the Civil Pensioners sanctioned in this Office Memorandum the term “Net Pension” means “Pension being drawn” minus “Medical Allowance”, which shall be continued to be admissible at the level of its admissibility as on 30.06.2011.
  3. The increase shall also be admissible on family pension granted under the Pension-cum-Gratuity Scheme, 1954, Liberalized Pension Rules, 1977, on pension sanctioned under the Central Civil Services (Extra Ordinary Pension) Rules as well as on the Compassionate Allowance under CSR-353.
  4. If the gross pension sanctioned by the Federal Government is shared with any Government in accordance with the rules laid down in part-IV of Appendix III to the Accounts Code, Volume-1, the amount of the increase in pension shall be apportioned between the Federal Government and the other Government concerned on proportionate basis.


19.                       The increase in pension sanctioned in this Office Memorandum shall not be
admissible on  Special  Additional  Pension allowed   in  lieu  of pre-retirement Orderly


  1. The increase in pension shall not be admissible during the period of their re­employment, but the same shall be allowed after the termination of the re-employment contract. However, the increase in pension admissible to the pensioners of the Federal Government before their re-employment on contract basis shall continue to be admissible to them provided that they are not in receipt of any increases allowed as allowances with their pay in lieu of increases in pension.
  2. The benefit of increase in pension sanctioned in this Office Memorandum shall also be admissible to those Civil Pensioners of the Federal Government who are residing abroad (other than those residing in India and Bangladesh) who retired on or after 15.08.1947 and are not entitled to, or are not in receipt of pension increase under the British Government’s Pension (increase) Acts. The payment shall be made at the applicable rate of exchange.
  3. Medical Allowance for the Pensioners:

i.          Medical Allowance admissible to the existing retired Civil Servants in BPS-1

to BPS-15 and in BPS-16 to BPS-22 @ 25% and @20% of the net pension respectively shall continue to be admissible at the frozen level of its admissibility as on 30.06.2011 and till further orders.

ii. All the Civil Servants in BPS-1 to BPS-15 and in BPS-16 to BPS-22, who shall retire on or after 01.07.2011 onwards, shall be allowed Medical Allowance @ 25% and @20% of the net pension respectively and shall stand frozen at the same level.

23.                      Option:

i. The Ministry/Division/Department/Office to which an employee belongs and/or on whose pay roll he/she is borne shall obtain an option in writing from such employees within 60 davs commencing from the date of issue of this Office Memorandum and communicate it to the concerned Accounts Office/DDO, as the case may be, either to continue to draw salary in the Scheme of Basic Pay Scales-2008 or in the Scheme of Basic Pay Scales-2011 as specified in this Office Memorandum. Option once exercised shall be considered final.

ii. An existing employee, as aforesaid, who does not exercise and communicate his/her option within the specified time limit, shall be deemed to have opted for the Scheme of Basic Pay Scales-2011.


  1. All the existing rules/orders on the subject shall be considered to have been modified to the extent indicated above. All the existing rules/orders not so modified shall continue to be in force under this scheme.
  2. Anomalies:

An Anomaly Committee shall be set up in the Finance Division (Regulations Wing) to resolve the anomalies, if any, arising in the implementation of the Basic Pay Scales-2011 and Pension.

(Owais Nauman Kundi) Joint Secretary (Regs) Ph: 9262525 All Ministries/Divisions/Departments.


Copy also forwarded for information to:

  1. President’s Secretariat (Public), Islamabad.
  2. President’s Secretariat (Personal), Islamabad.
  3. Prime Minister’s Secretariat (Internal), Islamabad.
  4. Prime Minister’s Secretariat (Public), Islamabad.
  5. National Assembly Secretariat, Islamabad.
  6. Senate Secretariat, Islamabad.
  7. Election Commission of Pakistan, Islamabad.
  8. Supreme Court of Pakistan, Islamabad.
  9. Federal Shariat Court, Islamabad.
  10. Auditor General of Pakistan, Islamabad.
  11. Controller General of Accounts, Islamabad.
  12. AGPR, Islamabad/Lahore/Peshawar/Karachi/Quetta/Gilgit Baltistan.
  13. Military Accountant General. Rawalpindi.
    1. All Financial Advisers/Deputy Financial Advisors attached to Ministries/ Divisions etc and all officers of Finance Division.
    2. Chief Accounts Officer, M/O Foreign Affairs, Islamabad.
    3. Financial Adviser and Chief Accounts Officer, Pakistan Railways, Lahore.
      1. All Chief Secretaries/Finance Secretaries of the Government of Punjab/Sindh/ Khyber Pakhlunkhwa/Balochistan/Azad State of Jammu & Kashmir/Gilgit Baltistan.
      2. Capital Development Authority, Islamabad.
      3. Office of the Chief Commissioner, Islamabad.
      4. Federal Public Service Commission, F-5/I, Agha Khan Road, Islamabad.
      5. Secretary, Wafaqi Mohtasib (Ombudsman)’s Secretariat, Islamabad.
      6. Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, Islamabad.
      7. Central Directorate of National Savings, Islamabad.
      8. National Accountability Bureau, Islamabad.
      9. Member (Finance), KRL, P.O.Box.No.1384, Islamabad.
      10. Intelligence Bureau, Islamabad.
      11. Pakistan Mint, Lahore.
      12. DG Post Offices, Islamabad.
      13. Economic Adviser’s Wing, Finance Division, “S” Block, Pak. Sectt. Islamabad.
      14. Secretariat Training Institute, Islamabad.
        1. Directorate General of Inspection & Training, Customs & Central Excise, 8th Floor, New Customs House, Karachi.
        2. National Re-Construction Bureau, Prime Minister’s Secretariat, Islamabad.
          1. Earthquake Reconstruction & Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA),  Prime Minister’s Secretariat (Public), Islamabad.
          2. Federal Tax Ombudsman’s Secretariat, Islamabad.
          3. Cost Accounts Organization, Islamabad.

^^(Syed SharfMAJkhtar) Section Officer (Imp) Ph:9262580


Annexure to Q. M. No.F.l (5) Imp/2011-419. dated 4″1 July, 2011.


Basic Pay Scales-2008 Basic Pay Scales-2011
1 2,970 90 5,670 30 1 4,800 150 9,300 30
2 3,035 100 6,035 30 2 4,900 170 10,000 30
3 3,140 120 6,740 30 3 5,050 200 11,050 30
4 3,240 140 7,440 30 4 5,200 230 12,100 30
5 3,340 160 8,140 30 5 5,400 260 13,200 30
6 3,430 175 8,680 30 6 5,600 290 14,300 30
7 3,530 190 9,230 30 7 5,800 320 15,400 30
8 3,665 210 9,965 30 8 6,000 350 16,500 30
9 3,820 230 10,720 30 9 6,200 380 17,600 30
10 3,955 260 11,755 30 10 6,400 420 19,000 30
11 4,115 275 12,365 30 11 6,600 460 20,400 30
12 4^55 310 13,655 30 12 7,000 500 22,000 30
13 4,645 340 14,845 30 13 7,500 550 24,000 30
14 4,920 380 16,320 30 14 8,000 610 26,300 30
15 5,220 420 17,820 30 15 8,500 700 29,500 30
16 6,060 470 20,160 30 16 10,000 800 34,000 30
17 9,850 740 24,650 20 17 16,000 1,200 40,000 20
18 12,910 930 31,510 20 18 20,000 1,500 50,000 20
19 19,680 970 39,080 20 19 31,000 1,600 63,000 20
20 23,345 1,510 44,485 14 20 36,000 2,350 68,900 14
21 25,880 1,700 49,680 14 21 40,000 2,600 76,400 14




1,985 55,470 14 22 43,000 3,050 85,700 14

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  1. muhammad khan

    Please anyone tell me if a person dies after is retirement and wife separated with him he left 1 son and 2 daughter’s so who will take pension

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  2. Muhammad Zahid

    please kindly T.A allow for for the iligibal worker. Line man and dask job worker do not any previlage to get T.A.

  3. sajjad

    I have been promoted from BS-11 to BS-16. Now my Basic Pay is 14800. Please tell me
    that what will be my Medical Allowance and House Rent Allowance after the promotion in new scale BS-16 according to punjab government pay rules thanks for all

  4. asif baloch

    THE DIPLOMA ENGINEER should be given grade 11 to start wth (this decision has already been given effect to vide finance division O.M.NO.F.1(24)-NG.IMP.11/3-384/74 DATED THE 8th may 1974 )PRIME MINISTER DECISIONS
    I DEMMANDS TP THE PRIME MINISTER OF PAKISTAN PLZ UPGRADE DIPLOMA ENGINEER IN BPS 14. today 2012 no change in ths regard bt nurses, assistants,and other non technical staff upgradede at same qualifiacation so i requsated PM paksiatan plz upgarde diplmoma engineer
    join group isssue of diploma engineer (where above notification share)

  5. Akhtar

    sajeda i m paying people salary in 6 digits would u like to marry anyone of them….

  6. Farrah Khan

    We have not seen any change in salaries of PIA employees. Finance Division and Ministry of Defence is requested on humanitarian grounds to instruct the management of PIA for the implementation and re-structuring of PIA Pay Scales.

  7. Abdul Qudous

    This is a Great Increase in the salaries of Federal Employees………Thanx to Govt. and Congradulations to all Employees………………..
    Civil Aviation Authority Should also Implement such Scale revisions as soon as possible to benefit employees on time………
    Dated:12th August 2011

  8. Zahid Sarfraz L.M.II LESCO OKARA

    Thanks for increase the pay scale&pension but for God sake to increase the value of rupee.
    From: Zahid Sarfraz L.M.II Lesco Okara.

  9. Azfar

    The government is silent on Salary increase in the Private Sector wherein some organizations are paying less than Rs.6000/- to a worker and most of them are on contract whenever they want they fire contract employee and re-hire on minimum salary. There is no rules and regulations for the benefit of Private Sector low paid workers

  10. ajab

    ms whch department u are performing duty.i do nt thnk wth new resived scale u kan nt reach 6 diit.even if u r income or u mite be too old.marry a lecturer as he has enough to keep u entertain.they have one or two clases,then free for whole.other employees of other department have no time.mary a literature wala man and then wil read novels,dramas and utopian world.haha kep smilng

  11. fazli raziq Daggar buner

    the present increase in salary is very good for every one.but lower BPS holder taking very less benefits and doing more works. the higher BPS holder taking great salary and faclities .this great injustice with lower BPS holder.

  12. ishtiaq ahmed

    thanks govt: of Pakistan for revised scales, it is request that hr and medical should be given on new pay scales why these are frozzen on 2008 scales. if these allowences increase i might be able to construct new house kindly pray for me that i may success ameen

  13. Rana Muhammad Khalid LESCO Okara.

    Thanks of Govt: for issue the pay&pension notification.
    From:Rana Muhammad Khalid L.M.I Okara.

  14. irshad memon

    Dear friends…… rent, conveyance allowance, medical allowance and the 15 % 2011 will be given according to 2008 running basic and frozen for 16 to 22

  15. rafiq

    revision of payscales is a nice gift to the employees but freeze of medical and other allowences is very bad. in the notification house rent status is not mentioned.can any body tell what will be the status of H/R.will it be frozen likewise or be given according to the new scales ……..

  16. Muhamma Khalid LESCO Okara.

    Thanks Govt of Pakistan.Kindley increase the House rent Assessment Amount.

  17. Jamil Asif SST GHS Baragowah Jhelum

    Govt has revised BPS it is good. We request Govt Of Pakistan Please increase House Rent. HR must be 30%of Revised Pay Scales 2011. Medical must be increased.

  18. Baad shah Khan

    What will do daily workers that they have not permanent work .What thinking about about them.

  19. Muhammad Saleem

    Thanks Govt. of Pakistan. If the House rent would be given to all emplyees equally through out the Pakistan that better.

  20. noman

    but what will happen to allowances? i.e house rent freeze or revived , specially S.S F medical. etc.

  21. rafiq

    only a drop of water has been employees and going retired are the big beneficiers of these payscales

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    Oh thanks that pakistani Govt estend the pay pakage. now I get a hand some pakage , so any beautifull girl can apply marriage with me.


    ohhh thanks … Now I will be able to arrange marriage for me. now I have my total salary in six figure…i.e. above one lac… any one officer above 18 may apply for marriage @…… tnx
    Sadia Naz

    1. sky_zai

      how u would be able to arrange marriage, there is only a small increase in pay
      to know net increase of pay download load gross pay calculation sheet and calculate ur increase of pay.

    2. dizu

      hohoho. that mean dowry must be the package of sports car and pent house at sears tower
      great i love to marry you.

    3. SAMEER

      well done finance secretary for caring the government employee
      now with that most of the employee can be able to marry.
      and computer science holding degree female can apply for marige having age not more than 30

  24. Muhammad Yousaf Sardar

    Very much fine to the issuance so. Dear members kindly infom all the members involved in making of this revised pay that Advance Increments on improving qualification / education may be observed and it may be allowed and re-sanctioned as from when it was stopped and discontinued may be released from the back dates. So that it could be beneficial to all possessing higher qualification and Degrees too.
    Hopes! that might be understandable to all the users and linkers too.


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