39 responses to “Notification of Revised Pay Scale 2011, Allowances and Pension”

  1. Aurang zeb

    Vry fine



  3. adnan


  4. Muhammad Yousaf Sardar

    Very much fine to the issuance so. Dear members kindly infom all the members involved in making of this revised pay that Advance Increments on improving qualification / education may be observed and it may be allowed and re-sanctioned as from when it was stopped and discontinued may be released from the back dates. So that it could be beneficial to all possessing higher qualification and Degrees too.
    Hopes! that might be understandable to all the users and linkers too.

  5. USman

    What about the daily paid contingent staff and contract staff?

  6. Gh.Mustafa

    it is better. thanks.


    ohhh thanks … Now I will be able to arrange marriage for me. now I have my total salary in six figure…i.e. above one lac… any one officer above 18 may apply for marriage @ sajeda_naz22@hotmail.com…… tnx
    Sadia Naz

    1. sky_zai

      how u would be able to arrange marriage, there is only a small increase in pay
      to know net increase of pay download load gross pay calculation sheet and calculate ur increase of pay.

    2. dizu

      hohoho. that mean dowry must be the package of sports car and pent house at sears tower
      great i love to marry you.

    3. SAMEER

      well done finance secretary for caring the government employee
      now with that most of the employee can be able to marry.
      and computer science holding degree female can apply for marige having age not more than 30

  8. shahzad

    Oh thanks that pakistani Govt estend the pay pakage. now I get a hand some pakage , so any beautifull girl can apply marriage with me.

  9. Hayee Baloch

    oh very fine thanks

  10. M jamal khan

    special thanks to govt of pakistan

  11. rafiq

    only a drop of water has been added.new employees and going retired are the big beneficiers of these payscales

  12. zulfiqar

    capital allowance should be given to teachers in islamabad

  13. noman

    but what will happen to allowances? i.e house rent freeze or revived , specially S.S F medical. etc.

  14. Muhammad Saleem

    Thanks Govt. of Pakistan. If the House rent would be given to all emplyees equally through out the Pakistan that better.

  15. Baad shah Khan

    What will do daily workers that they have not permanent work .What thinking about about them.

  16. Jamil Asif SST GHS Baragowah Jhelum

    Govt has revised BPS it is good. We request Govt Of Pakistan Please increase House Rent. HR must be 30%of Revised Pay Scales 2011. Medical must be increased.



  18. Muhamma Khalid LESCO Okara.

    Thanks Govt of Pakistan.Kindley increase the House rent Assessment Amount.

  19. Ehsan Ali

    Thanks, Govt should increase the house rent allowance and house acquisition.

  20. rafiq

    revision of payscales is a nice gift to the employees but freeze of medical and other allowences is very bad. in the notification house rent status is not mentioned.can any body tell what will be the status of H/R.will it be frozen likewise or be given according to the new scales ……..

  21. irshad memon

    Dear friends……..house rent, conveyance allowance, medical allowance and the 15 % 2011 will be given according to 2008 running basic and frozen for 16 to 22




  23. zahid pervaiz

    aisa tu socha b na tha.great increase in salaries.

  24. Syed Shahbaz Ali

    please, sir regular kr dayn contract mulazmin ko bhi.

  25. Rana Muhammad Khalid LESCO Okara.

    Thanks of Govt: for issue the pay&pension notification.
    From:Rana Muhammad Khalid L.M.I Okara.

  26. ishtiaq ahmed

    thanks govt: of Pakistan for revised scales, it is request that hr and medical should be given on new pay scales why these are frozzen on 2008 scales. if these allowences increase i might be able to construct new house kindly pray for me that i may success ameen

  27. fazli raziq Daggar buner

    the present increase in salary is very good for every one.but lower BPS holder taking very less benefits and doing more works. the higher BPS holder taking great salary and faclities .this great injustice with lower BPS holder.

  28. ajab

    ms sajada.in whch department u are performing duty.i do nt thnk wth new resived scale u kan nt reach 6 diit.even if u r income or u mite be too old.marry a lecturer as he has enough to keep u entertain.they have one or two clases,then free for whole.other employees of other department have no time.mary a literature wala man and then wil read novels,dramas and utopian world.haha kep smilng

  29. Azfar

    The government is silent on Salary increase in the Private Sector wherein some organizations are paying less than Rs.6000/- to a worker and most of them are on contract whenever they want they fire contract employee and re-hire on minimum salary. There is no rules and regulations for the benefit of Private Sector low paid workers

  30. Zahid Sarfraz L.M.II LESCO OKARA

    Thanks for increase the pay scale&pension but for God sake to increase the value of rupee.
    From: Zahid Sarfraz L.M.II Lesco Okara.

  31. Abdul Qudous

    This is a Great Increase in the salaries of Federal Employees………Thanx to Govt. and Congradulations to all Employees………………..
    Civil Aviation Authority Should also Implement such Scale revisions as soon as possible to benefit employees on time………
    Dated:12th August 2011

  32. Farrah Khan

    We have not seen any change in salaries of PIA employees. Finance Division and Ministry of Defence is requested on humanitarian grounds to instruct the management of PIA for the implementation and re-structuring of PIA Pay Scales.

  33. Akhtar

    sajeda i m paying people salary in 6 digits would u like to marry anyone of them….

  34. asif baloch

    THE DIPLOMA ENGINEER should be given grade 11 to start wth (this decision has already been given effect to vide finance division O.M.NO.F.1(24)-NG.IMP.11/3-384/74 DATED THE 8th may 1974 )PRIME MINISTER DECISIONS
    I DEMMANDS TP THE PRIME MINISTER OF PAKISTAN PLZ UPGRADE DIPLOMA ENGINEER IN BPS 14. today 2012 no change in ths regard bt nurses, assistants,and other non technical staff upgradede at same qualifiacation so i requsated PM paksiatan plz upgarde diplmoma engineer
    join group isssue of diploma engineer (where above notification share)

  35. sajjad

    I have been promoted from BS-11 to BS-16. Now my Basic Pay is 14800. Please tell me
    that what will be my Medical Allowance and House Rent Allowance after the promotion in new scale BS-16 according to punjab government pay rules thanks for all

  36. Muhammad Zahid

    please kindly T.A allow for for the iligibal worker. Line man and dask job worker do not any previlage to get T.A.

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