Ban on Transfer Posting Lifted in Punjab Schools – Notification Issued on May 30, 2012

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No. SO (SE-IV) 2-34/2009 (TR)
Dated Lahore the, 30th May, 2012

1. All the Divisional Commissioners in Punjab.
2. All the Additional Secretaries of School Education Department.
3. The Director Public Instruction (SE/EE), Punjab, Lahore.
4.  All the District Coordination Officers, in Punjab
5. All the Executive District Officers (Edu), in Punjab.


I am directed to convey that the ban on posting and transfer is hereby lifted w.e.f 1s1 June, 2012, which will remain lifted till further orders, subject to the following conditions:
i.    Posting / Transfer will be made only against the vacant posts by the respective transferring authorities to whom powers have been delegated;
ii.    In case of a school with single PST/EST/ SST (Science) and SSI Computer Science, the teacher will not be transferred without a substitute. Mutual transfer of SS (Science) and SST (Computer Science) may be done;
iii.    Female teachers recruited in Boys Schools and want to be transferred in Girls Schools at their own request will be placed at the bottom of seniority of female teachers;
iv.    Female teachers working in Girls Schools will not be transferred in Boys Schools;
v.    Newly recruited Educators in 2012 will not be transferred;
vi.    In case of Inter-district transfer, the applicant shall provide NOCs from parent as well as recipient districts to the transferring authority; after scrutiny of service record, transferring authority will issue transfer order in favor of the applicant:
vii.    Erratic Posting I Transfer against irrelevant grades, subjects or cadre shall not be made under any circumstances, nor there will be any room for loan basis or temporary adjustments;
viii.    Mutual transfers against similar posts will be admissible;
ix. SS/SSS shall be transferred according to the Identification of Posts keeping in view the notified grades and subjects. The postings against the approved combinations of subjects in newly upgraded Higher Secondary Schools with lesser SNEs shall be made according to the notification on the subject for the relevant school;
x. All claims including wedlock, compassionate grounds and others are subject to availability of a vacancy;
xi.    Inter district transfer to district Rawalpindi will not be admissible as it already has overstaffing; and
xii.    In case of more than one teacher requesting their transfers against one post in the same school, then the decision will be made according to the Posting/Transfer Policy of Education Department (Schools) 2000 issued vide No. SO (SE-I) 1-75/2000 dated 4.7.2000.


1.    Secretary to Chief Minister Punjab.
2.    PS to Minister for Education Department.
3.    Staff Officer to Chief Secretary Punjab.
4    PS to Secretary School Education Department.
5.    All Dy. Secretaries / Section Officers of School Education Deptt.
6.    Project Director. Directorate Staff Development, Lahore.
7.    Project Director, PMIU, Lahore.

Notification of Lifting of Ban on Transfer / Posting in Punjab Schools Dated 30-5-2012

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  1. shaista

    plllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i request u that give concession to nwly apointed teachrs “who deserv it”coz there is much more problem for them in boys schools.thnx


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