Notification of EOBI Pension Increase 2015 Issued

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EOBI Pension Increase Notification dated 29-4-2015

Islamabad (Thursday, April 30, 2015) – Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development has issued notification of EOBI pension raise.

This notification issued on Wednesday, April 29, 2015.

Now Minimum OEBI pension w.e.f April 1, 2015, would be Rs. 5250 per month. Earlier it was Rs.3600.

Thus Employees Old Aged Institutions (EOBI) Pensioners will get net increase of Rs.1650 per month. There are almost more than 5.5 lac pensioners in this regard.

EOBI Pension Increase Notification dated 29-4-2015
EOBI Pension Increase Notification dated 29-4-2015

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4 thoughts on “Notification of EOBI Pension Increase 2015 Issued

  1. Muhammad Siddique

    This notification is based on financial terrisim becasue major portion of EOBI willfully looted by the employees of Federal Government of Pakistan, and they donate to Lawyers for saving their face through judiciary to Ch. Etzaz Ehsan, Asma Jehangir, Aqeel Ahmed Khan and recently appointed Justice in Islamabad High Court Mr. Atterminllah accompanied with land grabber Malik Riaz, Aqeel Ahmed Khan, PTI. Senetor Gulzar Khan, Rs. 500 million invested in Tameer Bank of Sheria Rehman, Silk Bank. Revonation of four Cinemas, Play Grounds, Donation to Sindh Flood, Donation to Zummard Khan of Rs. 1 billion each. Raja Pervaiz Ashraf and family. Federal Government left no right of control on EOBI funds therefore all amounts robbery under the control of Fedeal Government should be recovered from them. Supreme Court who also backing the corrupt mafia by granting bail to bail through lawyers community have also loose their command. We old Pensioner are drawing Rs. 5250 per month and sweeper of EOBI is getting Rs. 42,000= per month. The present Chairman of EOBI was working in grade 20 and transferred to grade 22 and which amount he was taken from EOBI. Its mean in Pakistan there is no fourm of honesty left. All department of Government also in backed of corrupt maifa i.e. NAB, FIA were remained sleeping at the time where GEO and ARY get their attention towards massive corruption, its evident that they are getting their shares from corruption. All door of justice remained closed for EOBI pensioners inspite of trillion of rupees in their credit but this amount is only for government employees whose history already explained above. We EOBI pensioners are living like third class citizen in Pakistan at the age of above 60. All are sweeping with hunger, poverty, medical care due to lac of funds. The government pensioners are getting grade 4 Rs. 10,000 and industrial Group Director Finance is getting Rs. 5250. Under the above circumstances who will help us in Pakistan. United National is also sleeping for our case,

  2. AR Danish

    Thank Mr. Muhammad Siddique
    you are right and the problem also we are facing,

    for collection of EOBI contribution they used force and for re-claiming they USED very hatfull methods, to discourage the beneficiaries..

    AR Danish

  3. sheikh Muhammed Imtiaz

    why not 10% pension increased on EOBI pensioner are they not the citizen of pakistan

    1. sheikh Muhammed Imtiaz

      Last year Govt have not increased EOBI pension


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