No extension in retirement age for civil servants – Establishment Division

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No extension in retirement age for civil servants – Establishment Division

Islamabad (Breaking News / Dunya TV / October 30, 2012) – Such news is devoid of fact, said establishment Division. Section of media had reported that the Federal Government had announced two-year increase in the retirement age of all civil servants with a notification to be effective from November 01, 2012.

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The news had caused a stir amongst the already retired bureaucrats, who also been vying for an extension in their service.The move could have had political and financial benefits for the incumbent PPP government which is scheduled to go for the general elections early next year.

(Published on Dunya News Website on 30/10/2012)

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6 thoughts on “No extension in retirement age for civil servants – Establishment Division

  1. Ataat Muhammad

    Extention for retired experienced persons is v.appriciatable step taken by the govt.No reason to oppose. Because the Old is Gold.We should save the gold for our country. Would any one like to share the number & date of the notification?

  2. Saleem Magsi

    Our lords, politicians, from President to the advisers, from the members of parliament to the workers, there is no age limit for retirement. Because they are lords and have a birth-right to govern the people and country… The employees i.e. management of the countrymen are the actual essence of security, progress, development, betterment and strength of the country being sons of soil. The politicians as is evident from the current affairs are the blood suckers.

  3. saleem

    Retirements age should be till death.stupid pakistan give example of other countries only for personal benefit so that younger generation coverage without job

  4. M.Shamaroz

    I agreed on your solid and real points,when they highly experienced,they has been retired.
    and Govt has loss their experience. Its not a politician’s benifits,its totallay in favor of Govt

  5. Ajmal khan

    The retirement age in all countries of the world is more than 60 years age, except 7 countries (including Pakistan). In some countries (like Ukraine) it is 70 years. In UK and USA it is 65 years. Pakistan must also extend retirement age of its emplyees upto 65 years. It will not be a saving for Govt’s exchaqure, but the Govt will also benefit from its experienced employees for longer time. Moreover, extension of retirement age will also reduce worries of employees retiring in an early age i,e 60 years.

  6. Sarfraz Hussain Anjum

    I\This extension is over ruled.It is only politician benefits.As per pime Miniter words( No extension will be made,it is against of court order).Finance Secretary is going to retire on 5.11.2012,This extension is only made for such officers only.


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