New Pay Scales Creation for Govt Employees – Pay Committee asked Government

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Govt urged to create fresh pay scales for public sector employees

Islamabad (Mehtab Haider / TheNews / Saturday, October 27, 2012) – Dr Ishrat Hussain-led committee constituted to remove distortions in public sector salary structures has asked the government to create fresh pay scales in order to remove the existing anomalies and has refused to become party to any cosmetic measures, said officials on Friday.

“We have conditioned the finalising of the committee’s recommendations on the removal of existing distortions because just lip service will not serve the purpose,” said Husain.


“The creation of fresh pay scales is necessary to attracting talented people into public service as with the existing pay structure of BS-17, no one will come into the public sector.”


New Pay Scales for public servants

Husain said that the committee will meet after Eid to review the work done by the provincial governments for putting in place fresh scales for employees.


“Civil service reforms cannot be achieved without putting in place a merit-based policy and a result-based incentive structure,” he maintained.

Transport Monetisation Policy
The committee has also criticised the government’s flawed monetisation policy for transportation.

The car monetisation policy of the government has not been put out in the spirit it was conceived by the last pay committee,” said Husain.

“Although the government claimed it reduced expenditures by implementing the car monetisation policy, it would have done much better had there been ownership of these reforms.”An example of the distortions in the implementation of the transport monetisation scheme, say sources, is the fact that drivers for monetised cars are still claiming overtime allowances.

“These claims are being approved by the bosses of these drivers, despite the fact that the government has provided drivers Rs10,000 in cash and overtime allowances have been disallowed.”

Housing Monetisation

(Another group of experts and bureaucrats are now working to devise a plan for the monetisation of housing under the chairmanship of Deputy Chairman Planning Commission Dr Nadeem Ul Haq.)

“The existing distortions in the pay structure can be removed without burdening the national exchequer and the committee is working towards devising a feasible plan for achieving an efficient civil bureaucratic structure in the country,” said sources in the finance ministry.

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45 thoughts on “New Pay Scales Creation for Govt Employees – Pay Committee asked Government

    1. bash

      if Govt not unified our scale or not made Fresh scale then we will start selling our babies on requested to All government employees start selling their babies on 01-12-2012.
      I shall be thankfull to you.

  1. ZubairArain

    Agar ye ups decision hojata he to lower scale employees k liye is se bari khushkhabri koi nahi or Eid ka maza bhi dobala hojayega .

  2. Hasib Agh

    Dr.Eshrat Hussain if u realy sincere in removing distortions and anomilies in various public sector departments employees pays it is necessary that all the extra allowances of some departments should be abolished and unified pay structure be offered throughout pakistan. 2.Deputation from one department to another should be banned and the past such practises should be declared illegal. 3.Car(not a single car dozen of cars) to the ministers,fedral or provincial secretaries,Commissioners, Adittional Secratries,Dcs,Deputy Secratiries,Acs,Section officers,Directors,Adittional Directors,Deputy Directors and even to Asistant Directors and P.As of ministers should be prohibited and instead lump sum amount should be payed to them for car rent and fuel so as unlimited phone facility should be banned and a fixed amount be payed to them. 4.furnished houses should not be given to govt employees rather a fixed amount for house rent be surrendered to them. 5.T.A D.A should be decalred null and void.if Dr.Eshrat Hussain realy wants to save national exchequer from rough use and injust wastage of it he must consider these suggestions rather strictlt direct government to implement them in its true spirit.

  3. Amir Zarif Hussain

    Respected Dr Eshrat Hussain
    F.S.T Islamabad has given decision in favour of pensioners that adhoc relief allowances
    between 1.7.1999 to 1.7.2011 be merged in pay of those pensioners who retired between
    this period and then pension be finalized so that they can get the benefit in their pension

    Finance division also accepted this and instructed to MAG to get financial effects which
    have been called in May 2012.

    Please include this in your recently meeting at top level basis
    Amir Zarif Hussain
    Retired Ordnance Officer
    Mobile 03012510662

  4. arshid warsi

    Govt. of Pakistan ko chai kay Seb Govt. employees ke salaies barabar kar de jai ya kon sa mulk hay jis main govt. employees ke catagories bani wohi hain SPS pay Scale, Military Pay scale, PG pay scale, SP pay scale aur sab say mazloom BPS pay scale sab say kam pay and allowance lanay wala scale BPS pay scale hain govt. ko chai in BPS pay scale ke salaries aur allowance ko zaida kia jay ham logon ko jo pay and allowances daya jatay hain ho yah hain Basic Pay, House Rent allowance, Medical Allowance, aur Convence allowance, jab ko dosaray scale walon ko khas tor par militaries pay scales walon ko Basic Pay, Convence Allowance, Ration allowance, cutting allowance, washing allowance, CQL allowance, batman allowance, distirbance pay, aur 2 ya 3 allowance aur bhi hain jo deya jatay hain yah log kam kia kartay hain sirf jo log barder par hain ho log aur jo log kasi hard area main hain in logon kia alawa baki sab foji koi university main MBA, BBA, MSC, M Pill, B Ed, kar rahay hain is ka matlab hay ka ya log farig hain sab say zaida chuti bhi yah log jatay hain. har 3 mah bad chuti khuda kay laya Ham BPS Scales ke pay and allowance ko zaida kia jay aur extra allowances bhi daya jain thank

  5. arshid warsi

    BPS pay scale ko dosaray pay scales kay barabar pay structure banaya jay BPS pay scales kay allowance zaida kaya jain aur BPS walon ko washing allowance, cutting allowance, dressing allowance aur Grade 11 say grade 15 tak ko 1500 batman allowance dia jay aur grade 16 to 22 ko jasay military kay officer ko batman allowance dia jata hay usi tarain batman allowance dia jay

  6. S.Raza

    Dr. Ishrat sahib AOA Bs ap roz jhatkaa lga datay ho. Aik hi jhatkaa lga lo. agar ap sy koi sincere ha to theek nhe to saaf keh do k nhe ho skta.

  7. jin of hotmail

    agar salary increase perforemance k saathy link ho gai tou phir mauja hi majan….TC bazo ki mauj….na laiku ki mmauj….sazshi aur munafqu ki mauj….aur shareef banday ki maut….no merit here…..Dr sab Allah kay wastay ye ghalti na karna….awam mary jay gee……

  8. Amjad

    Mere pyare dosto ye sab joot hay koi UPS nahi hay. ye sab drama hay employees ko doka de rahay hay. Allah se mango is se kaya mangtay ho jo hood dosro se mangta hay. Allah sab ka malik hay. Allah he sab ko roze deta hay.

  9. kamran khan

    sary mulk main aik jaisy pay scales hony chain . pay scales ko educational base per hona chain. jiss job per bhartee keliee jo degree mangee jaey us degree ke base per us ko scale dia jaee.istarah se sab scale braber ho jaieen gay.

  10. Dr.Niaz chandio is my humble request that kindly stop this type of drama and do not play with their emotions.

  11. arifraihan

    Pensioners joo ais waqat booth poor conditions main hain un kay liay govt:koo chaiay kay 100% pensions main azfa karay quninkay mengai kii waja say yay mazloom tabqa bari muskal say guzar awaqat karata hay.

  12. jin of hotmail

    FIA ki slaray bhi increase ho gai….Rs 31000 for BPS 18 and 19…..etc….Source jang Rwp….

  13. Amjad

    Assalam o Alikum
    Mere payare dosto agar hamara ye UPS ka case Suprem Court me chala jaya tu Chief Justice Insaf kare ge or hame back date se jo log double pay letay hay hame be os date se pir milay gay.

  14. shahid aslam

    next meeting kb hai…………………………………………………………………………………..

  15. bash

    if Govt not unified our scale or not made Fresh scale then we will start selling our babies on requested to All government employees start selling their babies on 01-12-2012.
    I shall be thankfull to you.

    1. Rizwan

      yeah sub topi darama hai agar Gov sincere hoti UPS mein tu FIA aur FBR ki ju salary mein ek allownce laga hai woh na lagta ….. so dnt believe PPP khuch b nahein honay wala …… sub bakwasss hai

  16. jamshed jadoon

    kia koi janta hai k ab committee ke meeting kab ho gi. suna tha k eid k bahd decision ho ga or 01 Dec 2012 se implimentation ho gi. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez update about this.

  17. Abid Hussain Laghari Met;Asstt;

    Aslamualekum w rahamatuALLAH W BARKATHU Dunia umeedoon py qaim hy aor ham bhee inheen umeedoon ky sahary 30 sal sy govt jobs karty aa rahy hain aor es sary arsy men ye hee sunty chally aa rahy hain k agly budget men ye hoga wo hoga mager hota wo hy jo govt servant kee umedoon ky bar aks bhar hal jis pay per duty langy karnee pary gee wer na kia kar sakty heen es leay mary bhai umeeden kam lagao kuyoon k umeenden toot jatee hain to bhohot darad hota hy ** Na visal-e-sanam huwa na KHUDA he mila na idhar k rahy na udher ky** ALLAH TBARK O TALA APNY HABIB JANAB HAZRAT MUHAMMAD MUSTAFA SALALAH O ALEHY W ALHEE WASALM KY TUFEL HAM SAB PER APNA KARAM FARMAEY “AMEEN “APNEE DUAOON MEN YAD

  18. Arshad Jadoon

    Wasa he logon ko khush kya ja raha ha yah govy kuch naheen dya gee in ke apni ayaushian poori naheen ho rahian tu yah molazmeen ko kya dain ga

  19. zulfii

    Aaaj jang or mukhtalif newspaper’s main ye khabar aii hui hai,k government nai pay scale revise karnai ka asooli faisla Kar lya hai,or 1 January 2013 sai sarkari mulazmeen k pay scale revise hojaingai.nigran government k anai sai Pehlai or elections main qamyabi hasil karnai k lye govt pay scale revise Kar dai gi..


      zulfi kahan parhi aap ny ye khbr.
      Main ne newspaper parha tha kahen news nahin thi is comitee ki.

  20. jamshed jadoon

    o bhai sb main next meeting ke date pooch raha hun. ho gi? kab ho gi? ya nhi ho gi?

  21. Asif Maqbool

    Govt. should take this matter seriously. Becoz employees are in merciful condition

  22. jamshed jadoon

    last meeting 28 Oct 2012 ko ho gai hai jis m provinces ne inkar kar deeya hai k un k pas wasail he nhi. ab jo agle budget se pehle koi umeed lagai ga wo koi pagal he ho ga. is leeye bhio sabar sabar or sabar till June 2013.

  23. ittfaq alam

    O yr kia bana hay salary ka ye meeting kab khamat ho ata nahi hay gahair ma PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP Kuch nahi karti.

  24. sharif

    the commission is always planning best but the implementation is worst means planning on papers but no existence on ground


    Provinces ko shamal kya tha.
    Lakin sab ny inkar kar diya k hum bhoj bardasht nahin kar saktay.
    Us k bad koi news nahin hai.


    Dr ishrat sahb ki comitee kahan gai?…………?
    Suna tha eid k foran bad meeting hai.
    Eid ko bhi 17 din guzer gaye lakin comitee meeting ki koi nwz nahin.


    Meri is comitee aur pp ki hkumat se guzarish hai k agr mulazmeen ko relief nahhin dy saktay
    to 1 bar keh dain k aisa mumkin nahin hai.
    august se dates di ja rahi hai aaj ho ga kal ho ga.
    Keh dain nahin kar saktay ta k mulazmeen aas to na lagaen aap se kuch karnay ki.
    Kuch krna hai to hum mulazmeen aap k liye dua goo rahen gaye.
    Nahin karna to bhi hmen bta dain k nahin ho sakta.But jaldi.
    Hmaray jazbat ko thaes na phnchaen.
    Agr possible hai to unified pay scale ka elaan kar dain.
    Nahin possible to clear kar dain.
    Jitna jaldi ho sakay.


    Suna tha k pp dour sarkari mulzmeen k liye sunehri dour hota hai.
    Lakin is dour main mulazmeen ki taraf koi twju nahin di gai.
    PP hkumat se guzarish ha ab jab aap k pas chand haftay reh gaye hain to plz hum mulazmeen k liye bhi kuch kar jayen.


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