NBP advance salary scheme for Govt Employees with loan upto Rs.10 lac

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NBP approves enhancement of advance salary scheme

Islamabad (November 10, 2012) – National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) has approved Enhancement of Advance Salary loan limit of government employees from Rs 4,90,000 to Rs 10,00,000, said a senior official of the Bank.

 Employees of Government officials are eligible to apply for enhanced under Advance salary Financing Product of the bank,  Syed Ibne Hassan told Agency.

He said senior government officials with higher salary brackets (i.e. Grade 17 and above) would be eligible for this enhanced scheme.

Highlighting the background of the product, he said the NBP Advance Salary was the single largest consumer product in Pakistan. He said the product was launched in 2002 with an objective of the Advance Salary Scheme was to uplift the previously ignored and under-banked community of the government employees and armed forces personnel by providing them opportunity of greater self-reliance and generate easily accessible funds for personal use through NBP Advance Salary Scheme.

Since the beginning, the product has performed really well and it is one of the major contributors to the bank s profit and so far more than Rs 190 billion have been disbursed to more than 1.4 million borrowers , he remarked.

Syed Ibne Hassan said the product was already very well known and accepted.  At the moment, most of Advance Salary customers are with salary bracket of 15,000 and lower. NBP has approved enhancement of Advance Salary limit from Rs 490,000 to Rs 1,000,000. Employees of government are eligible to apply for Advance Salary Financing,  he remarked. (Press Release)

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  1. ghulam hussain shar

    n.b.p.thari mirwah not give a a.t.m.card .i.applie.5.3.20013 my a.c.1519.0 bank branch code 0212 disstirct khair pur and loan also iam govt empliey

  2. Abdul Salam Shahid

    i am 14 scale employee and my salary is now 35000 and i need 800000 loan. kindly tell me how much i will pay intrest on it as well as how much deduction in my salary. please.


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