NBP Advance Salary Loan – Terms and Conditions

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NBP Advance Salary Loan for government employees

Terms and Conditions

NBP Helpline (021) 111-627-627

Eligibility Criteria: NBP Advance Salary* is for NBP Account Holders who are:

Permanent Employees of Government, Local Bodies, Armed Forces, Autonomous Bodies and other Semi    Government Bodies/Corporations disbursing salary of their employees through NBP.

Financing Limit*: Up to 20 net take home salary can be availed, which should not exceed the maximum limit of Rs.1,000,000/-.
Tenure: Maximum tenure of the NBP Advance Salary Finance is 5 years (60 months).
Age Criteria: Maximum age of the borrower at the time of maturity of the finance should not exceed 59 years and six months.

For further information please contact concerned NBP Branch.

*conditions apply

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7 thoughts on “NBP Advance Salary Loan – Terms and Conditions

  1. azhar shah

    if you avail 100000, it mean you will be paid (returned within interest) to bank almost total amount Rs: 155,000/- if you took 250000 amount you must be returned almost 390000/- (Rs: 140000/- is only interest) govt: is biggest and greatest hram khor and fraudeeeeeeeee……

  2. azhar shah

    govt: or govt: deptts: do not solve your problems or not in your favour they did not intend to solve your problems but in reverse Govt: only solve their own problems. Kbi khooon choosa hay kisi ka kisi Hukmran se pooch lo….

  3. sakhawat ali

    sir if i take advance salary whose amount of 20 salary is equal to 400000 PKR whtat amount i have to paid in five years . tell me as soon as possible

  4. tarique nawaz

    if a local government employee apply for nbp advance salary scheme and has (2) two years length of service, is he eligible for said scheme?


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