7 responses to “NBP Advance Salary Loan – Terms and Conditions”

  1. safdar

    interest ratio if there any?

  2. azhar shah

    if you avail 100000, it mean you will be paid (returned within interest) to bank almost total amount Rs: 155,000/- if you took 250000 amount you must be returned almost 390000/- (Rs: 140000/- is only interest) govt: is biggest and greatest hram khor and fraudeeeeeeeee……

  3. azhar shah

    govt: or govt: deptts: do not solve your problems or not in your favour they did not intend to solve your problems but in reverse Govt: only solve their own problems. Kbi khooon choosa hay kisi ka kisi Hukmran se pooch lo….

  4. Safdar abbas

    Thanx for reply. Ur views are true about our Govt.

  5. sakhawat ali

    sir if i take advance salary whose amount of 20 salary is equal to 400000 PKR whtat amount i have to paid in five years . tell me as soon as possible

  6. abdull ghaffat khan


  7. tarique nawaz

    if a local government employee apply for nbp advance salary scheme and has (2) two years length of service, is he eligible for said scheme?

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