Nadeem Akhar’s (Pensioner) Message to All Pensioners

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Nadeem Akhar’s (Pensioner) Message to All Pensioners 

Dear Site Administrator Pensioners/Pakworkers
I have seen your WEBSITE today which is very much beneficial for all employees including pensioners of all government organizations. I have no words of appreciation in this regard. Being a retired pensioner in BPS-17 from Cabinet Division, I have worked out discrimination in net pension of BPS- 17 as compared to a pensioner in BPS-16 retired during 1995-1996 with gross pension between Rs.5500 to Rs.7000 as compared to a pensioner in BPS-16 during same period & gross pension which after annual compounding effect since 1995-1996 become about Rs.5000 to Rs.7000. Retired pensioners in BPS-17 of Federal Government of above category may approach me at my e-mail address so that I may be able to provide them full details of break-up for getting their expert comments in order to submit a joint appeal to Finance Division for removal of this discrimination.
I humbly request that my message may please be placed at your esteemed website/face book for kind information of retired pensioners.
With best regards
Nadeem Akhter

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One thought on “Nadeem Akhar’s (Pensioner) Message to All Pensioners

  1. ahmad ali khan

    Old pensioners drawing less pension instead of pensioners those retired after pay scale 2011 in which inclusion of adhoc relief admissible to them and services tribunal passed the same for those retired before introductory of new pay scale 2011, but supreme court of Pakistan rejected the Federal service tribunal decision, which cause great financial difficulties
    in these hard days.

    In view of the above please approach to Mininisty of finance Budget wing to implement the Federal service tribunal order and take prayers of old Pensioners,


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